The Late Night Kansas City Lookout

Quick peek at Kansas City news for tonight for those browsing the Internets this evening into the early morning . . .

Kansas City Hobo Lady Tribute

Grandview working to honor woman allegedly murdered by the Indian Creek Trail suspect

You've heard about the murders along the Indian Creek Trail and the prime suspect - Frederick Scott. He's also charged in the shooting death of this woman in Grandview. Now, citizens in Grandview are working to honor her. Between Grandview Avenue and Blue Ridge in Grandview sits a wooded area known as the tree house.

Kansas City Lady Tech

KC execs: 'We need to do everything in our power' to keep women in tech - Kansas City Business Journal

Four Kansas City executives shared lessons from their careers as female entrepreneurs and how to raise the next generation of leaders. During the Tuesday panel, Elizabeth Loboa, dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri, shared sobering statistics as the number of female engineering students has begun to stagnate nationally.

Probs The Latest Local Murder

KCPD investigating suspicious death off of E. 46th Street

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating a suspicious death near the Plaza. Officers responded to an ambulance call in the 3900 block of E. 46th Street just before 4 p.m. Tuesday. When they arrived, officers found a man down inside a residence. He was declared deceased at the scene.

Latino Dude Travel Advisory???

This Hispanic man with a loaded gun was pulled over in Missouri - and he's grateful

Given problems that persist between police and minorities in this country, Julian Garcia wasn't sure how this traffic stop would go. In late September Garcia got pulled over for a lane violation in Republic, a town of about 16,000 in southwestern Missouri.

Show-Me Nasty Charges

State trooper charged with sexual exploitation involving a student

A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper has been placed on unpaid leave, after being charged with four felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Justin Watson, 46, also umpires high school baseball games for the Mountain View-Birch Tree School District. He faces an additional felony charge of sexual contact with a student.

NYT Against Guv Brownback Again

Kansas Tried a Tax Plan Similar to Trump's. It Failed.

In 2012, Kansas lawmakers, led by Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, enacted a tax cut that eliminated state income taxes entirely for pass-through entities - such as sole proprietorships and limited liability partnerships - which are taxed at the owner's individual income tax rate.

Kansas City Roller Coaster October

Warmer Wednesday on the way, sunshine may return in the afternoon

Keep an eye on storm chances this weekend.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. Did media just stop reporting anything related to that mass murderer Freddie Scott because he’s black? Sure as hell looks like it

  2. Yes, the media continue to be one of the least reliable sources for objectively reported news. If the facts don't fit their preferred narrative, they're either spun or ignored.

  3. "We need to do everything in our power to keep women in tech." Why?


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