Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Squeeze

Holly hotness and her friend along with some of the top Kansas City MSM links . . .

Kansas City Survival Skills

Show teaching how to survive disaster scenarios shooting at KCI

Experts in self-defense and mass shootings are filming a television show right now at Kansas City International Airport. The shoot - booked back in April. Producers hoped to use KCI's Terminal A, which is closed to the public, to help stage a disaster scenario.

Urban Core Discount Glut

New developments in Northeast Kansas City met with mixed feelings

The last thing the Old Northeast needs is a vacant building. That's why new development at Independence Ave. & Monroe is drawing mixed feelings. "A lot of folks in the neighborhood were hoping we'd get a grocery store there," President of the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Bryan Stalder said.

Rock Chalk Lesson In Fear

20 spent shell casings found outside of Strong Hall on KU's campus

Police at the University of Kansas are investigating after a large number of spent shell casings were found outside of KU's administrative building. Authorities said approximately 20 used shell casings were found in the bushes outside of Strong Hall Tuesday. After an investigation, police said they have found no indication that a weapon was ever fired anywhere near Strong Hall.

Kansas City Wartime Testimony

Kansas City Veterans And Writers Say It's Time For More Real Talk About War - This Week

People need space to talk about war these days, says Anne Gatschet. "We live in a world that's got a lot of war. I think all of us are dealing with how to talk-slash-not talk about a great deal of pain and injury, moral and physical," says Gatschet, who is president of the board at The Writers Place.

Horrible Golden Ghetto Planning

Getaway fails as suspected bank robber is nabbed quickly in Overland Park

A suspect is arrested near the U.S. Bank in Overland Park within minutes after it is robbed.

Telcom Saying Goodbye To JoCo

Sprint/T-Mobile merger: scouting a likely HQ - Kansas City Business Journal

Sprint Corp. may no longer call Overland Park home if it merges with its magenta competitor. Although an approved deal with T-Mobile US Inc. is far from certain, the two telcos are expected to reach terms for a stock-for-stock transaction by the end of October, according to recent reports.

Pitch Has High Hopes For Hometeam

The Royals went out low, but there's reason to hope in 2018

The bittersweet thing about glory: It comes and goes, almost as quickly as a breath. Kansas City Royals fans know this better than most, having seen more than their share of stars depart for bigger markets - a scenario that's about to repeat itself, in an offseason that started too soon.

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Anonymous said...

Northeast is the ghetto and without strong leadership in Kansas City it always will be. So don't hold your breath, it's never going to be anything but the ghetto.

Nice try though, but I don't think anyone is going to fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Overland Park has known this was coming for eight years, and they're "surprised" that it may happen?

When the Chinese bought Sprint and installed a Hispanic whose only experience has always been packaging companies for resale the fire sale sign was posted on the door. The only surprise is that it took that long for the economy to recover enough to make the sale feasible.

Will the Johnson County Ostriches now pull their heads out of the sand (or wherever) and see if something can now be salvaged?
After all, they have had eight years to develop contingency plans, surely a 57% drop in job numbers gave them some sort of warning.

Maybe they'll be able to use the tactic that the "Kansas Side" has used since the 1940s and figure out some way to shift the costs of their mistake to the Kansas City, MO taxpayers. After all don't we exist only for the purpose of providing amenities for the Kansas residents?

Anonymous said...

Uh, that headquarters campus near 119th & Nall will be real nice for section 8 apartments, y'all.

Anonymous said...

If the city would tear down all the raggedy vacant houses in the northeast that would help a bunch, but sLIE don’t like Mexicans so they’ll be there until we get a real mayor and city manager

Anonymous said...

The old northeast is a ghetto and will always be the ghetto until someone gentrifies the shit out of it.

Don Cardinal said...

Its east, go a mile south nd you're in deep shit,go 2 miles south and you won't make it back alive