We admire the non-traditional hotness of Rachel Anne as we check some of the top Kansas City MSM news links right now. Checkit:

Flighty Kansas City Question

SPECIAL REPORT: Up in the air, the future of KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For years, the community has debated making major changes to Kansas City International airport and next week voters will decide on whether the city will get a new airport. In a special report, 41 Action News spoke with people on both sides of the issue and looked at the impact a new terminal could have on Kansas City.

Support This Ghoul???

Re-elect Unified Government Mayor Mark Holland to keep KCK momentum going

Under Mayor Mark Holland, Wyandotte County has continued its economic renaissance, but that's not the only reason he deserves a second term. Holland's record is impressive.

Lady Po-Po Complaint

Ex-WyCo Sheriff's Deputy suing department for discrimination

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Wyandotte County Sheriff's Deputy is suing the department for discrimination after she was fired for violating department policy. Celisha Towers filed the lawsuit last Monday in federal court. Towers is also currently running for Sheriff of Wyandotte County.

Biz Hottie Takes A Deuce

KC smart-home startup raises $2M - Kansas City Business Journal

Friday the 13th has earned a reputation for spurring bad luck, but for one Kansas City startup, that day couldn't have been luckier. It's when ELUX Homes LLC closed a $2 million Series A round. ELUX, which stands for energy and luxury, is building the nation's first single-family, smart-home community at Lenexa City Center.

Dreamers Speak Of WyCo Nightmare

Advocates Push For Wyandotte County To Give Residents Municipal ID

A coalition of social justice groups is pushing for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County to become the first government in the Kansas City area to issue municipal identification cards to residents. The coalition, which includes the ACLU of Kansas, says as many as one in five Wyandotte County residents belong to demographic groups that are likely to have trouble obtaining a government-issued photo ID.

Scary Cold Case Redux

17 years later, Blue Springs police continue to investigate deadly hit-and-run cold case

The Blue Springs Police Department continues to investigate a cold case of a 2000 hit-and-run motor vehicle accident that took the life of James "Jim" Alonzo.

ICONIC Kansas City Photography

Just For Halloween

Photography Blog

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  1. I would love to get on top of Rachel.

  2. Take a ticket and get in line, next available number is 67,423.
    She just called, 4,245,

  3. I love seeing those kind of melons.

  4. How hard is it to get an ID, there's a dmv on 63rd n state, pay 10 bucks with proof you are who you are.

  5. In the story that chicks lousy mom couldn't float her 70 cocksuckin bucks, her electricity was cut off but she was looking for work and moving ,not being hard on people but there's many more difficult things then showing papers and paying a fee


    When my Hooters waitress said she was feeling lightheaded, I told her to breathe deeply and get a firm grip on myself!!!

  7. Still no apology from sLIE and Lucas for throwing white people under the bus Sunday, guess that ain’t gonna happen huh

  8. Apologizing is for whites ,esp for existing


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