The Kansas City Tuesday Midday Link Look

The Kansas City Tuesday Midday Link Look

Hottie LeAnn and her EPIC Instagram talents inspire this midday compilation and quick peek at some of the top Kansas City news links right now. Take a look:

Nearly Funny Internets Clickbait For KC

Jeff Bezos Just Tossed A Nail-Studded Baseball Bat On The Floor Between The Mayors Of Pittsburgh And Kansas City And Asked Who Really Wants The Second Amazon HQ

As Amazon executives review bids placed by cities who want to house the company's second headquarters, it's anyone's guess who will win out. But we may now have a clue who the early frontrunners are: Tech insiders are reporting that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just tossed a nail-studded baseball bat on...

Corporate Demise In JoCo

Sprint to release third quarter earnings Wednesday amid merger rumors

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Analysts are dissecting and interpreting how the latest revenue numbers from Sprint and T-Mobile may impact a possible merger between the two wireless carriers. Overland Park-based Sprint will announce its third quarter earnings Wednesday morning. It will include a "message from management," but not a traditional conference call with analysts.

Big Money Bidding Report

Rival Appeals After Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Award Of VA Contract To Cerner

A company that challenged the no-bid contract awarded to Cerner Corp. to update the electronic health records system of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is appealing the dismissal of its lawsuit. CliniComp International Inc. of San Diego on Monday filed a notice of appeal after the U.S.

Tiger Party FAIL, Too

Video shows dozens of people falling through deck behind Mizzou fraternity house

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Video posted to Twitter on Monday shows dozens of young people suddenly drop a few feet when the deck behind a Mizzou fraternity appears to collapse. According KMIZ, one student was taken to the hospital following the incident Saturday evening, the same day the university's football team defeated the Idaho Vandals during their homecoming game.

Dead-Tree Media Ghost Stories

Haunted Kansas City: Paranormal tales from rural Liberty to Old Shawnee

The voice was telling someone to make sure they picked up a child on the way home from work. Mike Unterreiner was working late at the hardware store his wife's family has owned for three generations in the historic downtown Shawnee business district. He first thought someone was outside the garage door.

Kansas City Soccer Dateline

Starting XI: Do or Die Time

Starting XI, presented by Ford, is a biweekly series on that highlights 11 of the biggest storylines and news updates from Sporting Kansas City, MLS and soccer around the globe. Click here to visit the Starting XI archive. 1. Do or Die Time Sporting KC will make its seventh

KC Foodie Sacrifice For Euro Dreams
The 10-year-old US soccer sensation and social media star snapped up by Roma | Lawrence Ostlere
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  1. Kia of Kansas City Comet10/24/17, 1:42 PM

    Hell, that kid is prolly good enough already to play for the minor league level Sporting KC team.

  2. She gonna need a longer tongue

  3. The Veterans Administration plan to use Cerner to merge military health records with Veterans health records is one of the biggests scams ever pulled on the tax payers for a myriad of reasons. First consider that 11 percent of the VA's patients are not even veterans. Second consider that only 40 percent of existing veterans accept any healthcare services from the VA and all but a few of those are clinical out patients and not hospitalized ones. Now consider that the average age of veteran patients is 54 which places a huge number in the category where their military health records are mostly over 30 years old and likely contain near nothing that would help the VA in diagnosing much of anything. Now consider that the VA intends to spend near a billions dollars making this conversion and intends to access medical records with NO consent of the patients whatsoever.

    The real pisser is that it took me nearly two years to get my first appointment at the KC VA after providing my application and DD 214s while verifying my service record in order to shop at the Army-Air Force Exchange Service took less than 15 minutes online.

    This whole farce is more about beginning the Federally controlled medical records database pushed by Obama. It is being done with NO patient permissions and under the guise that those records already belong to the government. With this move the VA will have access to near every military medical record ever created. When you consider all the deceased veteran records you end up with the VA being able to access records, over 90 percent of which don't even belong to VA patients. Now consider that the VA's control of records privacy and access is so bad that thousands of employees who are not even medical providers can access medical records. This includes the likes of clerical workers and transportation personnel. What all this has to do with improving the quality of Veteran healthcare is a fucking mystery to near anyone with an IQ above 30. This is simply a case of bureaucrats run amok with your money.

    Does this sound like anything close to Trump's promise that veterans would be able to seek medical care outside the VA and force the VA to compete to keep patients? Again, you were sold out by slick talking bureaucrats and bogus vets organizations - thank you for your service.


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