Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday First Look

Today, we start out with just a bit of tribute to all that glitters and Tessa hotness along with more than a handful of some of the top news links hanging around out there . . .

Take a peek:

Touring Kansas City Ghost Town

Don't believe in ghosts? Stay the night or tour 7 area haunts

For those looking for a real-life ghost hunt this season, here are a few choice locations where a cold draft and the sight of a shadow caught out of the corner of your eye may be more than you think.

Double Injury Amid KCK Blaze

Two people hurt in Kansas City, KS house fire near 37th, Washington

Two people are hurt after a house fire early Tuesday morning. The fire was reported about 3:30 a.m. near 37th Street and Washington Avenue.

Golden Ghetto Fight Club Charges

Two men charged after stabbing and clubbing in Olathe brawl

One person was stabbed and another clubbed after a melee broke out at a social event in Olathe early Sunday morning - and two men who were taken into custody were charged Monday. Adrian Guerrero, 40, and Hector Adrian Curiel, 22, both of Olathe were each charged with aggravated battery and booked into the Johnson County jail.

Trucks Threaten Kansas City Drivers

Police say illegally-parked semis may be to blame in deadly crash that claimed metro woman's life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman killed in a Saturday afternoon crash took joy in spending her time in theater, making families and kids smile. The crash happened in a business park near NE 40th & NE Kimball. Police say semi trucks blocked the stop sign.

Football Fighters Rage Against NFL

Report: Chiefs' Marcus Peters backs Raiders' Lynch during suspension appeal

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KCTV5/AP) - Marshawn Lynch has presented his appeal to the NFL to overturn his one-game suspension for bumping an official. The appeal hearing was held Monday and Raiders coach Jack Del Rio says he hopes to get a final ruling on whether Lynch will be eligible to play Sunday at Buffalo by Tuesday.

Kansas City Doggie Burnout Search

KC homeowner searching for his dog after a house fire

The homeowner said after he saw the flames - he put his Chihuahua in the back yard.

Americans Tout Victimization

Poll: Most Americans Think Their Own Group Faces Discrimination

Majorities in many ethnic, identity and racial groups in America believe that discrimination exists against their own group, across many areas of people's daily lives, according to a poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Bebe Rexha - Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

i'm guessing that doggie is toast.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me how to get around the Star's paywall.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Buy a subscription you cheap bastard.

Anonymous said...

Damn that Tess has big titties. I bet she would be fun to have sexual intercourse with.

Midtown KC Chester said...

A man can dream, a man can dream.

Anonymous said...

Marcus petersucker is an idiot

Anonymous said...

Who reads the star???

Anonymous said...

Google the story on Google and then click on the story on Google then the story should display for you.

Anonymous said...

Johnson County library has color pdf copies of the Star which can be viewed online for free. No need to pay for it.

Anonymous said...


While dining at a high-end restaurant, the bathroom attendant asked if I'd prefer a hand towel or blow-dry!!!

Anonymous said...

Perters is about to take a knee in his peter.