Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Workout

Classic Jordan celebrates movie smackdowns on this gray day and just a few more local links that are worth a peek:

Money Talks For City Hall

KCMO to hold community budget-planning sessions

Northeast News The City is reaching out to residents for their opinions on high-priority topics in an effort to shape the budget's trajectory for the next five years. Throughout October the City will be holding four identical interactive discussion sessions. They are encouraging anyone who is solution-oriented to come join them.

East Side Building Boom

The new 'east of Troost': Chef's kitchens, lap pools, $600K homes - and class tension

Their friends and family thought they were insane. Build east of Troost? To many white Kansas Citians, that coded phrase, "east of Troost" - the unofficial color line of the city's segregated history - has long implied crime and poverty. To black Kansas Citians, the west side of the avenue signifies as much racial intolerance as it does monied privilege.

Show-Me NRA Big Bucks

Roy Blunt, the NRA's four million dollar man

Only two United States senators have received more money from the NRA than Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO. A New York Times study of campaign contributions received by legislators and money spent on their behalf shows that Blunt has received $4,551,146 from the organization, dating back through his days in the House of Representatives.

Booze Backs Protest

Anheuser-Busch adds protest feedback line, stands by NFL sponsorship

One of the NFL's largest advertisers is taking feedback from consumers about recent national anthem protests, but stands by its sponsorship of the league. More than 200 players kneeled or sat during the anthem after President Donald Trump's criticism last month regarding such protests. The move by the players prompted backlash from some fans.

Cowtown Fashionista Display

Kritiq fashion show MADE for Kansas City designers

Designers don't need to go to the east or west coasts to pursue their dreams, Mark Launiu said. "There's so much passion and grind here in Kansas City. And a lot of people on the outside don't know that," said Launiu, co-founder at MADE Urban Apparel.

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Anonymous said...

Budweiser sucks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those black people in the Beacon Hill neighbourhood are really racist. They don't want white people there. If a white guy said that shit he would get crucified

Anonymous said...

They have been trying to get that Beacon Hill area off the ground for years now and it isn't going to fly, no one is going to spend that kind of money to live in that area. Can't blame them though, they are trying to get the blacks out of there and it would be nice to see it cleaned up and people move in there.

It's not just beacon hill that is racist the entire city is racist. But I hope they don't work to hard to get those blacks out of east side because I'm afraid they will move further east to Independence historical area and we don't want that.

Anonymous said...

Coors anyone?

Anonymous said...


Jordan prepares to whip something up for dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok now the list gets a bit longer