Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Kansas City #TBT Early Morning Look

We're starting the local early morning news cycle with a glimpse of the latest promo from Victoria's Secret and 36-year-old Adriana Lima causing and international sensation with her risque and revealing fashion sense.

Kansas City Soccer Stays Losing

What the men's World Cup loss means for the KC metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The failure of the United States men's national soccer team to reach the 2018 World Cup could bring an impact to the game both in the metro and across the country. The US was eliminated after shockingly losing to Trinidad & Tobago on Tuesday.

Innocent Across The State Line

23 years later: Kansas City, KS man gets hearing that may set him free in double murder

Lamonte McIntyre heads to court Thursday morning for a rare evidentiary hearing. He was convicted 23 years ago in a double murder that took place in broad daylight in a drug-infested Kansas City, KS neighborhood. He was 17 at the time of his conviction. Today, he is 41.

Kansas City Radio Days Flashback

Tim O'Brien, acclaimed author of Vietnam War novel, spends an hour in studio with Dana & Parks

Tim O'Brien delivered one of the best hours of the Dana & Parks Show... ever. O'Brien is the author of The Things They Carried - a collection of short stories about an Army infantry company in the Vietnam War, written as historical fiction.

Westisde Big Deal

City's west side gets $1.6 million business boost from US Dept. of Commerce

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A large vacant industrial building on the city's west side is about to get a major overhaul. The property sits on Jarboe, just a couple blocks off Southwest Boulevard. The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation just got a $1.6 million grant from the US Department of Commerce to create a small business incubator.

KCMO Urban Core Discount HERO

Quick action helps Kansas City store employee save woman being held hostage

A typical day at work turned into a chance to save a woman who was being held hostage. A Family Dollar employee who was stocking shelves found herself calling 911 and protecting a stranger. The employee says at first she noticed a suspicious man walking very closely behind the woman he brought to the store.

Dead-Tree Traffic Update

Know that sad, empty fountain at Meyer Circle? Ward Parkway drivers, take heart

One of Kansas City's showiest and most prominent fountains has remained dry since flooding in its pump room two years ago made it inoperable. After nearly $1 million in repairs and rehabilitation work, funded in part by a deluge of private donations, the Sea Horse Fountain at Meyer Circle on Ward Parkway is about to return to its former glory.

Powerful Kansas City Legacy

Park lit up the night and imaginations

Electric Park View is the title of this postcard published in 1913 for Electric Park in Kansas City, Mo. Electric Park was named for the 100,000 electric light bulbs outlining the park's buildings and rides, which turned night into day after dark.

Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for this morning . . .


Anonymous said...

It means that the watered down minor league soccer that all the rubes are watching is even worse than originally suspected.

Anonymous said...

Adriana Lima is a hot little slut.

Anonymous said...

Heard that interview with Tim O'Brien on KMBZ. Parks sounded drunk and Dana sounded like an idiot. So par for the course.

Anonymous said...

^^You listen to talk raido? What, are you like 85? Loser.

Anonymous said...


Before sliding down my chimney, Adriana hung her stockings with care!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Geezer Hater 10:46, people of all ages and backgrounds listen to talk radio, not "talk raido". What, are you like 14? Loser.

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I don't know what's worse, the morons who post on this site, or the fucking idiots like 12:48PM who check back to see if anyone responds back to their first moronic post?

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^^^ no, the worst part is idiots like you, fucking Geezer Hater, spewing your offensive bullshit on here nonstop. Do us all a favor - get a gun and blow your brains out.

Anonymous said...

^^Are you a fucking geezer or a snowflake? Either one, quit getting offended! Loser!

Gray Back said...

I like Adriana says a red blooded American White boy.

If we had that kind of ass in my day we wouldn't have had to coon hunting.

Anonymous said...

The confederate flag guy just may be the lamest TKC character yet. Seriously dude, you are not funny. Do a few google searches and find some new material.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Geezer Hater 3:27, go back to fucking your little sister.

Anonymous said...

And you've posted this at least twice. Shall we address your sadness?:)

Anonymous said...

^^^ No Geezer Hater, we're addressing your incestuous traits. GFY