Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Night Stand

Tribute to classic Candice and just a few links that we're thinking about for tonight . . .

Downtown KC B-Ball Good Deeds

KU defeats MU in exhibition game for hurricane relief

The Kansas Jayhawks beat the Missouri Tigers Sunday 93-87 in an exhibition game, raising at least $2.5 million for hurricane relief.

Dead-Tree Blame Game

Innocent Kansas City man spent a year in jail because of the public defender's crushing caseload

Understaffing and an impossible workload in the Kansas City public defender's office resulted in a man spending 13 months in jail for a robbery he didn't commit. Missouri has the second-worst funded public defender system in the country, and defendants are paying the price.

Perfect Village Crime Surprise

Prairie Village police investigate home burglary near 74th, Fontana

Police are investigating an aggravated burglary in Prairie Village Sunday morning. It happened in the 7400 block of Fontana Street about 4:45 a.m. Police say the victim woke to find a man standing in her home. She screamed and he ran off. Officers say the burglar spoke to the victim but didn't threaten her.

Show-Me Surprise In The Stix

Woman witnesses shooting during ride along with Belton PD

BELTON, Mo. -- A woman who was riding along with a Belton police officer Saturday night saw firsthand how quickly an officer's shift can go from run of the mill to a manhunt. Alayna Adamson's sister won the chance to participate in a ride-along with Belton Police through a Facebook contest.

KCMO Fighting With Fall

First Alert: Big temperature swing ahead this week

Monday will be a ditto of day. Temperatures will be top out in the middle 60s after starting the day in the upper 40s. Later this week, we'll see a big shift in...

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Anonymous said...

Great endeavor by KU coach Bill Self to raise millions for charity!

One and DONE with any future "Border Wars" -- Muck Fizzou!

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

That guy could not have been charged if a Judge had not found Probable Cause.

And a Prosecutor had to move it along.

Shouldn't they all be in the same boat as the P.D.?

Anonymous said...

Notice the reference to Judge Torrence.

Ill tempered and overweight, I do believe he gave probation to a child molestor.

Anonymous said...

The Star will not criticize Prosecutors for failing to give even a cursory glance at evidence.

The Star will not criticize Jackson County Prosecutors for failing to prosecute and put away a woman after two arson fires. Woman burns a third nail salon that results in the death of two firefighters.

The Star writes a lengthy analysis after deaths but will not criticize Mike Sanders or Peter Baker.

Other prominent arson fires have been ignored or covered up like the Schutte Lumberyard arson fire.

Where is the outrage by Hellwing, Krapke, Sanchez and Hoopz?