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We start the morning inspired by Holly hotness and more forward from there . . . With a few important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Metro Transit Dude Tribute Despite Longstanding Kansas City Bus Complaints

Loss of sight brings new focus to public transit CEO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Imagine trying to navigate the busy streets of Kansas City with only sound to guide you. "Is there a curb coming up? Do I hear that sound from the cross walk to tell me to walk or not? You always have to be thinking about those other things."

Kansas City Disaster Travel Diary

KC Relief Workers On Efforts In Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands, And Fun Facts About Missouri

Even though the winds and rain have subsided, the carnage wrought by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma have left parts of the Caribbean without power and everyday necessities. Today, we find out how recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are progressing from two Kansas City relief workers who saw the devastation firsthand.

Pizza Dude Served Humble Pie

Pizza delivery driver claims to get slice of injustice

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Mike Deering has been a part-time delivery driver for a Papa John's Pizza in Blue Springs for about a year and a half. In July, while on the clock, a Blue Springs Police officer pulled Deering over for speeding and not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Celebrate KC First Responder Heroic Cliché

KC firefighter resuscitates dog pulled from burning apartment building, 2 people taken to hospital

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City firefighter revived a dog pulled from a burning apartment complex in the Historic Northeast where at least one person jumped from the second story of the building to escape the flames Friday mornings. The fire was first reported around 8:30 a.m.

Northland Cyclist Safe Space

New path offers protection to North Kansas City cyclists

A new road project has just opened up in North Kansas City, but the biggest winner might just be those on bicycles.

Kansas City Conversation Crackdown

Report: Royals deny Braves permission to interview Dayton Moore

Royals owner David Glass has denied the Atlanta Braves permission to interview general manager Dayton Moore about running their baseball operation, according to an report that cited anonymous baseball sources. The Braves' have been looking for a general manager and a scouting director since Oct.

Kansas City Public Radio Hard News

Food Critics: The Best Pies In Kansas City

It's a great time of year for pie. Whether you're celebrating the holidays with a traditional pumpkin pie, or warding off the chill with a hearty chicken pot pie, it's amazing what can go under, over or between flaky, golden crusts.

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  1. So let me get this right. To deliver pizza you have to have a Class E driver license. However, to be a government courier (delivering packages), driving around selling Avon or Mary Kay, being a contract Fedex delivery driver, to use your personal vehicle as a U.S. Census taker, to pull a 20 foot travel trailer on the highways, to drive a Winnebago or to drive around putting up campaign signs up for local politicians you just need a regular license. Sounds to me like the legislature got their head locked up their arse dreaming up laws.

    Is the Blue Springs cop screwing this guy's wife too? WTF?

  2. In Kansas delivery jobs such at a pizza joint are listed as a non CDL type job. Missouri has some weird laws for their driver's license. But the cop was right in issuing the ticket and Pappa Johns is very wrong in not seeing that their drivers have such. They know they are wrong and thats why they are ignoring the issue. But you can get a Class E for less than 20 bucks, what is scary is what your insurance company will want when the find out what you are doing. I use my POV for work and because of so I have to pay little over 200 a year more for such. But if anything ever happened and it's proven you weres doing a job related action in your POV it could get costly and open you up to possible civil suits.

    This is how all these companies save money by forcing you to use your car which is cheaper than them maintaining a vehicle to do such.

  3. You have no respect for first line defenders like pizza delivery drivers.


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