The Kansas City Rainy News Links

On this rainy Saturday in the Kansas City metro and we have more than a few links here keep our blog community occupied with Internets reading in addition to Irina hotness. Checkit:

Thunderstorm Warning Afternoon

Storms roll through the KC area on Saturday

The area has already seen a few showers and some thunder, but expect to see more wet weather before storms roll in this evening. Late in the afternoon and in the evening is when we'll see some stronger storms. Some could be severe.

JaxCo Tax Hot Mess

Jackson County's blunder in assessing Country Club Plaza shorts KC schools

The Country Club Plaza sold for $660 million nearly two years ago. The Jackson County assessor's office set its value -- minus intangibles, such as the Plaza brand, and other non-real estate variables -- at $375 million. Yet the shopping district's 26 properties are now on the tax rolls at $145 million.


Lamonte McIntyre 'thankful' he's been exonerated

"I'm now in control of my own life and no one else is holding the key to mine," Lamonte McIntyre said. McIntyre was exonerated Friday in a 1994 double murder in...

1st Responder Report

Firefighters deal with large abandoned building fire on Friday night

Kansas City firefighters battled a large fire on the city's east side on Friday night.

Kansas City Chiefs Consideration

Chiefs vs. Steelers Madden sim: Can Kansas City avenge its playoff loss?

The Week 6 Madden simulation is here, and it features Big Ben's Pittsburgh Steelers trying to turn it around after their bad loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars while the Kansas City Chiefs try to stay undefeated. Watch above, or if you can't, here's the link.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Looks like Ronnie depasco’s old bar that burned

  2. Look at all them shiny helmets. My oh my. Urban renewal at work.

  3. So let me get this right. Jackson County Assessors went out and over inflated the home values on hundreds of thousands of home owners in the county to jack up tax revenue and gave the fat cats a fucking pass. This isn't exactly a golly gee we'll fix it situation people. These little bureaucratic mother fuckers need to have their asses tweaked a good one.

  4. $660 million taxed at $145 million?
    Guess THAT "Little White Envelope" sure as hell landed on the right desk!

  5. Still, my favorite government action was declaring the Intercontinental Hotel blighted. I knew right there that we were in the end times.


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