Monday, October 02, 2017

The Kansas City Monday Links

To lift our spirits as she hikes up her skirt, Lucy inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Kansas City Seed Money (Ewww)

Beyond borders: Federal grant equips KC to build regional $5M seed fund

Pushing aside the Kansas-Missouri "border war," a bi-state effort has earned a federal grant that will help create a $5 million fund for startups, which could begin investing as early as 2018. The Roberts told Startland News that in addition to Kansas City entrepreneurs, the fund will help startups throughout Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

It Pays To Plant Shrubbery

Why investing in Kansas City's urban natural resources pays off - Kansas City Business Journal

Trees in your yard can help you save 15 to 25 percent on your cooling and heating bills each year as well as adding 15 percent or more to the value of your property. Trees also provide homeowner savings in upkeep and repairs by catching rainfall that infiltrates the soil and protects against erosion and flooding.

Schedule For Your Rugrats
James Elementary to participate in International Walk to School Day
Golden Ghetto Against Car Taxes

Mission residents want 'driveway tax' repaid

A class action petition has been filed, seeking to compel the city of Mission to repay all the people who paid the transportation utility fee, better known as the "driveway tax," that the Kansas Supreme Court ruled was illegal. The petition was filed Sept.

Breakdown And Goodbye

Tom Petty dead at 66 after going into cardiac arrest: report

Tom Petty, the long-haired rocker whose famously nasal voice was behind some of rock's greatest hits, died Monday after going into cardiac arrest, CBS News confirmed. The "Free Fallin'" singer, 66, was found unconscious and not breathing in his Malibu home, and was subsequently taken to the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, where he "had no brain activity," according to TMZ.

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Anonymous said...

That's all the space you give Tom Petty?

Anonymous said...

Lucy ate the rest of the space.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Lol

Anonymous said...

He isn't dead yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

That Lucy is a hot slut. I would definitely like to get on her.

Anonymous said...

If the libtard press said he was dead then he better fucking be dead or else we protest outside the hospital until we get our way.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, she's HHHHHUUUUGGGGEEE!!!!

I heard Mr. Petty had not passed yet.