Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Kansas City Hump Day Afternoon

Right now CharMac provides inspiration for all of these Kansas City MSM links filtered and compiled better than anybody in this cowtown. Take a look:

Northeast Sign of The Times
Compromise in works for signage snag at Northeast development
EPIC Kansas City Firing

DST Systems initiates across-the-board layoffs - Kansas City Business Journal

DST Systems Inc. is in the process of laying off about 1 percent of its global workforce. The Kansas City-based company employed about 19,000 people as of the second quarter this year, including 4,990 in the metro area. DST (NYSE: DST) provides back-office technical support to financial services and health care companies.

Show-Me Guv Connections

Top Greitens staffer leaves for job at influential Missouri electric co-op

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' deputy chief of staff is leaving to become vice president of an influential electric cooperatives' organization. On Wednesday, the Association of Electric Cooperatives announced Caleb Jones' departure from the Republican governor's office for a top spot at the organization, which represents 47 electric cooperatives.

Kansas School Funding Pushback

Let the Judges Run Kansas Schools. They Did a Great Job with Kansas City's - The Sentinel

The judges on the Kansas Supreme Court know best. On Monday, they threw out the state's most recent effort to satisfy their arbitrary school funding dictates. "We decline to allow (school spending) inadequacy to keep cutting its swath," the judges declared in a metaphorically-challenged burst of power-mad hyperbole.

Kansas City Talks It Out

KCUR Talks With Snap Judgment's Glynn Washington Before Live Show In Kansas City

Every week on KCUR, listeners tune in to WNYC's Snap Judgment to hear "storytelling with a beat." And in just a few weeks, Kansas Citians will get a chance to feel the beat of the show live on stage. On Tuesday, Oct.

Corrupt Soccer Celebration!!!

Kansas City's chances to host 2026 World Cup matches just improved. Here's how ...

Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium remains in the mix to host 2026 World Cup matches, even after the list of potential sites was trimmed by the Unified Bid Committee, which represents a joint effort from the United States, Canada and Mexico to win the rights to the soccer tournament.

Kansas City Fanboys Undefeated

The Kansas City Chiefs have turned a corner toward dominance

The Kansas City Chiefs are 26-4 in their last 30 regular season games. Think about that. By comparison, over that same period of time, the New England Patriots sport a record of 22-8. This team is finding ways to win football games, in large part by overcoming obstacles that killed them in the past.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Byron Funkhouser said...

I'm not comfortable seeing such pictures of women who are younger than my daughter.

It's obvious that neither you, nor Tony, has a daughter.

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Bryon you troll. Your attempt to make every discussion on this blog about you is disgusting. I used to feel sorry for you that you got so much hate but it's obviously well deserved.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

Byron here's a website for you: . Oh, by the way I am not Byron and I proved a theory right anyone can post as Byron and also Tony does delete some comments here.

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To mess with Byron. I think Byron should be anonymous so he is not a targeted anymore.