Friday, October 06, 2017

The Kansas City First Friday News Look

We move toward the weekend with a tribute to Tessa Fowler HOTNESS to start First Friday. Take a peek at some of the top news links we've put together to keep our readers looking almost as smart as the greatest Instagram model in all of the world . . .

Kansas City Keeps The Fire

6 Intoxicating Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

A sober mind is a healthy mind. Yet there's something about even a faintly altered state that's potentially appealing in one way or another to practically everybody. Even children run in circles just to get dizzy - as if life isn't enough of a merry-go-round! Where does that leave us this weekend?

Important Story Of Gratitude

Mothers of Jessica Runions and Kara Kopetsky thank community for support

Following an announcement that Kylr Yust, long suspected in the 2007 disappearance of Kara Kopetsky, was charged in Cass County with killing her and Jessica Runions, Kylr Yust, Jamie Runions and Rhonda Beckford thank the community for its support and prayers

Better Kansas City Boiler Rooms

Don't forget to vote for Coolest Office Spaces, Division 1 - Kansas City Business Journal

A hometown headquarters is leading the pack in division 1 of the KCBJ's Coolest Office Spaces contest. As of Thursday afternoon, engineering firm Burns & McDonnell's new headquarters expansion, which opened in 2016 and earned a Capstone Award this year, had garnered a bit more than one-third of the votes (about 35 percent) and leads the grouping of large companies.

Believe In Kansas City

New book chronicles UFO sightings around Kansas City

A local UFO researcher says Kansas City is a hot spot for sightings. Margie Kay is assistant state director for the Missouri chapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and author of a new book, The Kansas City UFO Flaps. The publication documents numerous sightings, mostly in Eastern Jackson County in 2011 and 2012.

Urban Core Heroes For Doggies

Kansas City security guards thanked for saving dog that was starving

Usually the job of security guards is to keep out intruders. But on Thursday night, some Honeywell guards are getting a big thank you for welcoming one and making sure he stayed. Last month, two security guards spotted something truly unsettling at the vacant Federal Complex at Bannister and Troost - a dog that was starving to death.

Local Doggie Sickness Spreading

Reports of deadly parvo in dogs on the rise around Kansas City

The Humane Society of Kansas City says a highly-contagious disease is threatening dogs in the Kansas City area. Parvo is deadly to dogs, but it is easily preventable, in spite of increased infections in recent weeks. "The disease is spread from dog to dog by ingesting the virus, usually through fecal matter," said veterinarian Christina Nelson.

Kansas City Pumpkin Spice Soundtrack

Sympathetic Vibrations | Catch These Releases

Fall marks the beginning of the home stretch for the year. And while many KC residents are gearing up for sweater weather and pumpkin spiced what-have-yous, many of our favoritest local bands are feverishly prepping their social media pages for new releases - of which there will be plenty in the upcoming months.

The Shins - Cherry Hearts is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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While Tessa invites me to take a seat, I tell her I've got my eye on one already!!!

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To the mothers of those poor girls: where were you when they started "dating" that piece of filth? Where were you when those girls developed the thinking that that kind of garbage was acceptable to date? Where were you when they were staying out at all night drug fueled parties? That's a fv&ked up situation that I would be willing to bet would be solved with involvement in the girls' lives.

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MUFON, move on!