Friday, October 27, 2017

The Kansas City Early Friday News Workout

We start our morning with Joey Fisher hotness that dominates Instagram and then move forward from there . . . Check the top Kansas City news stories informing the first part of our day.

Take a peek:

#NewKCI Debate Continues

Kansas City's Airport: A Dud Or A Gem, Depending On Who You Ask

The city says Kansas City International Airport is too small and outdated to compete in a modern world. But some residents say it's one of the best in the country.

The Weekend According To McTavish

6 Weird Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

With Halloween just around the door-creaking corner, plenty of purposely peculiar events will be going on this weekend. There will also be some things that just happen to be a little weird. Into gore and zombies? Bizarre glitz? What about an uncanny glissando? And you thought you knew weird! 1.

Kansas City Public School Comeback???

KCPS Considers Reopening Lincoln Middle As Interest In College Preparatory Program Grows

The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors appears poised to reopen Lincoln Middle School, relieving overcrowding at the elite Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and reversing an unpopular decision made during rightsizing. The building was shuttered in 2010 along with the rest of the district's middle schools, with sixth through eighth graders moving into the high school.

Urban Core Baseball Redux

Cutting-edge baseball academy about to open at 18th & Vine, but who will come play?

The rickety backstop fence is gone. The squeaky aluminum benches, replaced. The cratered outfield grass that puddled at the lightest spring rains has been uprooted. The infield, with its clumpy dirt that would send routine ground balls ricocheting erratically, is now a memory.

Kansas City Football Analysis

5 Chiefs up, 5 down in this week's stock report

I'm still recovering from the Chiefs loss to the Raiders. That one hurt. An unimaginable ending to a back and forth game. That makes two consecutive losses, each could have easily been a win if the Chiefs had been able to make ONE additional play.

Weezer - Happy Hour is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

It will flop because the 18th and vine district won’t hire white people to run anything down there. White people are not allowed to work there so you end up with the cleaver and his cronies that can’t even run a car wash. Don’t believe me, Try and apply for a job and see what happens

Anonymous said...

Do what they preach with their signs all over the metro buses. See discrimination? Report it.

But then again that too is probably only for black people.

Oh well I believe you!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's the end of October the perfect time to redo a ball field so winter can destroy it again. Fucking losers.

Anonymous said...


Joey backed into the counter and got a little behind in my dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:09-You're a moron. Have you seen the fields? haven't. You're talking out your ass. If you had, you would know that they are all state-of-the-art artificial turf and can be played on year-round. Winter won't hurt it shit-for-brains! But you are fucking lazy and stupid and just want to slag what you don't understand. It's you whose the fucking loser...fucking loser!

Anonymous said...

Caption guy is a working class hero around these parts.

Consistantly casting pearls before the swine denizens.