The Kansas City Crime Roundup

Roundup of the top Kansas City crime links as violence doesn't slow down after Summer.


Kansas City Care Crime Spike Cont'd
Kansas City police see citywide increase in car break-ins
Triple Shooting Postscript

Shooting Tuesday night sends 1 to KC hospital

A shooting Tuesday night sent one person to a Kansas City hospital. Police were called just after 9 p.m. to 59th Street and Indiana Avenue on a reported shooting. Authorities said the victim is expected to recover. Investigators added that they have been called to this house a number of times just this week.

Sleaze Summit Stranger Danger

Lee's Summit parents warned after elementary student approached by suspicious man

Authorities in Lee's Summit are warning parents about a suspicious man who approached children at a bust stop in the Lakewood area. Police say a student was approached on Thursday at the bus stop in the area of NW Lake Drive and NW Cimarron Street. "He said, 'Are you late for the bus?

White Collar Kansas City Crooks Guilty

Former JE Dunn employee admits role in $840,000 fraud against company

A former JE Dunn job recruiter pleaded guilty Wednesday to scheming to defraud the Kansas City construction company out of more than $800,000. John L. Kirwin, 46, of Lee's Summit, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to wire fraud and mail fraud.

Fundraising For 1st Responders

Paul Rodriguez to headline comedy show in Kansas City to benefit fallen officers

Losing a police officer in the line of duty is no laughing matter, but on Friday night laughs will raise money for the families of three KC Metro officers who died in the line of duty. Four veteran comedians are putting on a show this Friday at the Scottish Rite Temple at 31st and Paseo in Kansas City.

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  1. Paul is a great guy wonderful comic did Stanfords several times in Westport...don't miss his shows.

    1. Shouldn't you be ratting out some drug dealers right now?

  2. Chicago up to 514 gun related murders .... 77% black 17% hispanic , only 55 arrests . Chicago PD is doing their job allowing a murder every 12 minutes which is music to my ears ..... if we could just get it down to one per second , then that is Progress-ive

  3. it's the only graph you will see white/other @ 2% ... heartwarming & comforting that when i see someone that looks/acts like me , i have a 98% chance of survival

    1. and that is white priviledge in a nutshell

    2. No, that's white behavior in a nutshell. As opposed to black behavior.

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  4. CG is so stupid. I did see the Glaze last week at QuikTrip shuffling across the parking lot climbing into his white Ford Explorer. No way this guy who looks and walks like a old man could beat up a marshmallow. After all the smoking he does he be wheezing so bad just thinking about taking a swing at anyone.


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