Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon News Look

Hottie Nina inspires this quick look at some of the top local MSM stories worthy of consideration right now. Take a peek:

KCMO Creative Class Cash???

KC metro's arts scene is economy driver - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City metro's arts and culture scene is thriving, and it's driving a big economic impact. ArtsKC Regional Arts Council detailed the findings of a five-year study by the American for the Arts (AFTA), which reported a $276 million boost to the local economy in 2015.

Local Holiday Prep
Oak Park Mall will be closed Thanksgiving Day
Tribute To Kansas City Heroes

Memorial created to honor 2 KC firefighters who died while battling fire in northeast KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two years ago Kansas City lost two of its finest as they battled a fire along Independence Avenue, and on Wednesday a memorial was on display in their memory. Firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh died after a wall collapsed on them while they were fighting the fire.

Show-Me Tough Talk

Brad Pitt reportedly threatened Harvey Weinstein with a 'Missouri whooping' years ago

Years ago, after Harvey Weinstein allegedly put his hands on Brad Pitt's then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow in an unwanted way, Missouri native Pitt threatened the movie producer with a "Missouri whooping," People reports. Paltrow described her encounter with Weinstein to The New York Times, one of many women who have accused him of sexual misconduct over the years in a scandal that has rocked Hollywood.

Show-Me Patriotism Talking Points

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says American flag deserves respect

In what is perhaps the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Donald Trump in hip-hop, Eminem "came to stomp," unleashing on the President in an explosive 4.5 minute freestyle -- which aired during Tuesday...

Tax Break Conversation

At Mission candidate forum, tax incentives, Gateway dominate discussion

The candidates looking to help shape the future of Mission over the coming four years on Tuesday shared their views on development of downtown, the city's use of tax incentives, and what they hope to see out of the Mission Gateway project. At a forum hosted by the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce and ...

Sound Of Big Money Support

Kansas City Symphony Reaches $55 Million Endowment Fundraising Goal

After a five-year fundraising campaign, the Kansas City Symphony announced Wednesday that it had accomplished its goal of raising $55 million for its endowment fund, which will now total more than $100 million. In a news release, the Symphony reported that 1,000 donors had pledged gifts ranging from $10 to $10 million over the five-year period.

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Gray Back said...

Brad Pittiful issuing a Missouri Ass Whipping to Whineberg.
I've heard it all now.

Maybe he offered a Kansas Butt Fucking instead?

Bowtied Silverback said...

jesus christ how many memorials can these 2 have.

Anonymous said...

Nina is so effing hawt!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to get on top of Nina

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get my cock in Nina's cunt

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt whoppin someone???? Now that's funny. He couldn't whip his way out of a paper bag. Glad he's out of Missouri though, he reminds me of one of those leechy guys in high school that loves everyone he goes out with.

Anonymous said...

If those 4 are all that Mission has seeking an office it's going to be a royal cluster fuck for sure. Is this group going to create a new driving down the street tax? Was Mr. shawneemissionpost dude there nodding his head at what everyone said like he does on is it Druckus? Looks like a bobble doll factory reject just uglier.