The Great Kansas City Movie Giveaway Cont'd

Even more City Hall giveaway news for projects that may or may not benefit Kansas City residents but offer politicos just a bit of star power. Checkit:

Kansas City Council Boosts Tax Credits For Film Projects Made In Kansas City

Commercials, TV shows and movies can provide an economic boost - if they're shot in your city or state. In 2012, when Gone Girl filmed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, it contributed nearly $8 million to the state's economy, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.


  1. Even more money taxpayers will have to cough up with nothing to show in return.

  2. I made several porn movies in Overland Park using JoCo women. You mean if I start making them in KC I can get tax payer money?

  3. Yes , you will get tax incentives , tax incremental financing , city Hall cash for using local metrosexual TRANNY talent , free studio time free Union labor , cash from the Kaufman center for inner city youth scholar's art development & free S.T.D check ups for the actors from the K.C. Health department ¡! BITCH !¡

  4. Also , you can build a new Ray's Playpen and get all the LIBERAL Democrat above mentioned benefits !!!! Please just do it ?


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