The Corny Phil Glynn Kansas City Mayor Clip

This isn't gonna happen BUT the video deserves a look if only because it offers a glimpse of generic Kansas City talking points that will dominate the political discourse over the next year rather than local candidates addressing any of the real issues confronting KCMO.

You decide . . .


  1. What are his views on spam?

  2. Actually, I think it's a pretty decent ad. He did manage to piss off Slie.

  3. This is the same Phil Glynn whose wife had her car taken by gunpoint? Read the story here on TKC at 6:38AM

  4. So, what is his business? They never did say.
    And it was way too long for the cyber age. Never go over one minute on anything.

  5. It’s just too “coincidental “ that the one house targeted was his and his wife was being martyred for helping a “teen.”

  6. I'll offer a free campaign slogan:

    Making KCMO A Family Friendly (PG) Rated Town

  7. Father Patrick Rush is a great guy, but he should know better: It is completely inappropriate for a priest to make an inferred or implied endorsement in any political campaign, period.

    The Catholic church is tax exempt.
    Billions of dollars of real estate, does not pay taxes.
    The IRS, as well as rules of decency and fairness make it quite clear: churches are not ALLOWED LEGALLY to participate in political campaigns.


    Even if Father Rush is retired. Period.

    He was not listed as Patrick Rush (a citizen).
    He used the mantle of the church by allowing his title to be included.

    The video should be edited to reflect that.

    I don't know Phil Glynn. We could do worse--ha, we currently are! At this point, the mayor's race is a crap shoot. (Cue the music from Guys and Dolls!) Can do. Can do....

  8. I bet Kraske thinks Glynn is super "HOT"


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