Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Suspected Killer Kylr Yust Disavowed By Fam

Following his NOT GUILTY PLEA the family of this double murder suspect is distancing themselves from alleged and horrific crimes. Read more:

Kylr Yust half-brother: 'My family is not OK with anything that he did'

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - Jessep Carter appeared in front of a judge in Henry County Tuesday morning for charges stemming from a traffic stop, which may seem inconsequential to some - but that's not the case here.


Anonymous said...

White people will sell their last breath to the devil. When you have nothing else, you always have family. White people have no soul. That's not to say that Yust is not a murdering, evil lunatic... he is but family first no matter what. Yust will be dealt with through the legal system.

Anonymous said...

What do we want

White people dead

When do we want it


Anonymous said...

1:57 is either mentally retarded, or completely devoid of morals. Either way, that's no way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

Fucking boons talking shit about white people as if street apes are fucking saints. Oh Please!