Super Bowl Faves: Kansas City Chiefs???

Amid a perfect season so far, sports newsies are desperate to move beyond the anthem and Prez Trump boycott crisis. Checkit:

The Kansas City Chiefs Are Super Bowl Favorites

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  1. Who gives a chit? I actually forgot they didn't play Sunday until the news came on: pimping the tragedy in Vegas, local shootings, and oh yeah, the Chiefs won. Yeeeeeeaaaa. That didn't last too long either. I took a sip of my pedialite and read my book instead.

  2. Byron Funkhouser10/4/17, 2:40 PM

    Der Fuhrer ordered us not to watch the NFL, so I am watching every game broadcast on local channels as an act of resistance, though over the years as the players become richer & richer, I find it harder to relate.

    On the field, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team.

  3. BiRon fuckelstein nothing so becomes you as a 14 inch thick black cock in your mouth. DO THAT AN SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  4. Clark will NEVER let this pipe dream of going to the SuperBowl come true. Too much money promised in bonuses the deeper the team gets into the playoffs. They will lose at least three games that they should win because Andy will fail at clock management or something similar.
    Lamar Hunt figured out to keep the money after the Chiefs won their only SB win almost 50 years ago.
    Not watching them anymore, not buying red clothes anymore.

  5. OK Folk. Save up your boycott for the Super Bowl and the moment someone goes knee down shut of your TV. That will cost the NFL tens of millions.


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