Sunday, October 08, 2017


Another favorable outcome of a rigged election after a litany of corruption has brought us to this point:Kansas City Voters Elect Slate Supporting Streetcar Extension


Anonymous said...

Better title:David Johnson Runs Kansas City!

JaCoMo said...

I blame all of this on the Geezer hater!

He is killing Kansas City!!!

Anonymouse said...

I'm pretty sure that none of this matters since they're still not getting any federal money to keep building.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to ride this train naked and drunk from Avila to the NEW wiz bang airport

Anonymous said...

They'd better not get any City money either!
Maybe they can con Frank White into "investing" in this farce.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this streetcar extension, you pay and I'll ride.

I love the Kansas City voter suckers.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Trump is not going to give them any money.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar expansion will probably go down in history as Kansas City's most corrupt election.
This is significant, especially as the Supreme Court is hearing a case on GERRYMANDERING.
Im not for or against , but I believe this expansion should be brought before a citywide vote , instead of the questionable election.
This should be a red flag for a future city improvement elections .
I also believe city hall CORRUPTION and GERRYMANDERED elections should be the the number one issue when electing a new Mayor ,and those seeking a Council seat.
Who can trust City Hall after several fraudulent elections concerning the streetcar expansion.
I also believe voters need to give Johnson the boot , since he was behind all of the historic GERRYMANDERED elections.

Anonymous said...

13% voter turnout, sad

Anonymous said...

13% voter turnout, pre-planned and deliberate, rather!

Anonymous said...

Lady JustUs

KCI: Any changes to the airport must be the result of input from all stakeholders, including the public and the airlines. I do not have an opinion regarding significant renovations versus a single terminal, but I am committed to modernizing our airport.

Streetcar expansion: I am generally supportive of expanding the existing streetcar line, but I need additional information including proposed routes and funding sources before I can support a specific plan.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Allegations of corruption coming from this guy:

Real KC Streetcar news here: