Steve Rose Seyz Spoiler Indie Greg Orman Helps Kansas SecState Kris Kobach

One of the very few great insights from Dead-Tree Media this week:

How independent Greg Orman could help elect Kris Kobach Kansas governor

Why would a smart guy like Greg Orman want to elect villain Kris Kobach governor of Kansas? That's what he appears poised to do. Orman, a multimillionaire businessman from Olathe, has all but announced his intention to run as an independent for governor in next year's general election.


  1. So the Lib Orman is still trying to sell that "independent" gig?

    I guess there are still people stupid enough to buy it.


  2. It didn't work last time and hopefully not this time because I would love to see him cry again like he did last time when he lost. The guy is a fake and not an independent.

  3. Anybody would be better than Kobach. He will be nothing but an extension of Brownback's failed policies. I fully expect the dumb ass state of Kansas to elect Kobach. Source: I am a Kansan.

  4. I was there. There was no "crying".

    What kind of duffass posts such lies?

  5. Please notice that my comment wasn't "anonymous".


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