Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sprint Stays Losing Despite Merger Hype

A rather knowledgeable TKC Reader tells us:

"When viewed on a long-term chart, Sprint shares are trading in the same range where they were back in 2008. Since the recent increased speculation of an imminent merger with T-Mobile, Sprint shares have actually dropped. Will the Trump administration grant approval for the merger, when the Obama administration said no-go? Stay tuned, as a decision is said to be close at hand."

And here's a bit of skepticism on that front . . .

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger? Don't Rent a Tux Yet

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey's Greg Miller and his team take a look at the potential for a merger between Sprint ( S) and T-Mobile ( TMUS). Spoiler alert: They're "highly skeptical." Miller writes that there seem to be leaks about a potential deal nearly daily, although he doesn't expect anything to come out before an official announcement, which may happen as soon as third-quarter earnings.


Anonymous said...

Depends - how desperate is Son for cash?
How much pressure is he under from the Chinese Government to get this turkey dumped?
What has T-Mobile dropped their bid to?
How good a job has Claure done in packaging Sprint for sale?

All these, and even more questions, will be answered in our next Exciting Episode!
Stay tuned, Boys and Girls!

Anonymous said...

When you see Claure put his Mission Hills house on the market, the deal is sealed.

Anonymous said...

Either way Sprint is going to die. T-Mobile does not want Sprint because it is a money maker. It is not. Sprint is a pain in the ass skimming enough residual business to be a small pain to the other carriers. If T-Mobile buys Sprint the company and brand will simply fade away. So will most of its employees (which seem to be hugely contract workers these days). Fact is Sprint brings little to the party. If the Feds nix the deal someone else will come along and put Sprint out of its misery - if it can sustain long enough to be euthanized.

Anonymous said...

Sprint should merge with the KC Star. Maybe they could get their combined stock price up to $3.00 a share!
And if any serious tax reform packages passes Congress, throw H&R Block into the mix.
KC winners, all!