Single-Digit Kansas City Streetcar Voter Turnout Will Govern $100-MILLION Toy Train

A few thousand ballots in a gerrymandered district will decide on the progress of a controversial transit line that has been established by some of the worst corruption KCMO has seen since the days of Tom Pedergast.

That isn't just TKC talking but a paraphrase from the director of Kansas City's Public Library along with the Missouri Auditor who has called for the overhaul of Transportation Development Districts.

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Voters choose 7 Transportation District representatives in favor of streetcar expansion

Next year voters will be asked to approve sales and property taxes that would pay for the project.


  1. As long as lily white consultants are doing it along with a few token black guys on their payroll, it's all good.

    Only when inner-city ethnic groups get involved do we call in the authorities.

    That's the American way!

    1. Yes, the streetcar might be a little corrput, but that's nothing compared to the energy companies and how the rape and pillage KC's taxpayer base.

    2. The bus works much better than this streetcar. Seems like it's just a waste of resources.

  2. Pendergast was never this corrupt.

  3. A new ride to add to the taxpayer-funded KCMO millenial amusement park!
    And for only a few more hundred million dollars of your money.
    What's not to like?
    How's Mike's hotel coming?

  4. People watch what happens here and then tell me you think libtards ought to be in charge of local government.

  5. I'm fat and need help10/9/17, 11:13 AM

    if you wanted to be like Portland then you could take the $100 million and install bike paths throughout the entire city.

  6. I hate to see Reunben Alonzo caught up in this crap. SMH Good guy. Bad company.

  7. Let Jeff Crum pay for it.


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