Show-Me STL Protest Homework Assignment

Progressives offer further study after weeks of protest over the untimely police shooting death of an alleged heroin dealer. Take a look:

Want to understand what's behind protests in St. Louis? Here's a reading list

The protests in St. Louis over the last three weeks have topped the news almost daily. Even for those who stay up on what's happening, there may be questions about how this came to pass again, just three years after race-related protests in Ferguson. Delving into St.


  1. Fuck off lady. Move to ferguson.

  2. The reading list should include Dr Suess or other fairy tale writers.

  3. Remember when many towns had a sign at the entrance that said:
    "If you are brown don't be here after Sundown". Those towns had almost non existent crime. Back then people really went to sleep without locking their doors.

    So tell me how the highest and most frequent incidents of serious crime is committed by people of color when they are about 13% percent of the population.

    Innocent blacks should not be killed. Blacks who resist police and do not do as told are gonna get into trouble cause the officer wants to go home to his family the next day.

    When a 16 year old mouthy black girl is told to shut up and get back when a lone officer is trying to take control of a problem and her uneducated dumb black ass interferes again and she gets her undisciplined ass thrown to the ground. That is not racism that is a cop trying to deal with a situation by himself that can escalate and get him hurt in the line of duty.

    This fine officer lost his career because a future TANF queen, EBT card collector and welfare waif did not know how to obey a policemen that give her direction while in the line of duty.

    Now tell me how racist it is to expect and afro to do as the cops tell them that same as whites have to do.

    Just mindless Negro apologetics and accommodations to change our civilized culture to a tribal chaotic mess like most inner cities.

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  5. ^^^ Do critical analysis or critical thinking much? Glad to be of help.

  6. Speaking of protest, how much longer do we have to look at the JEW Snitch's likeness over on the right ?

  7. Now that's a nigger for ya, "Less is More". Too many words for that jigg.

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  9. Literally hundreds of thousands Of Missourians are glad that cop killed that heroin dealer. Even more are glad Michael Brown got killed. You don't hear them protesting. Their protest was done by voting for Trump and Greitens.


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