Sunday, October 08, 2017

Show-Me Satanic Missouri Abortion Advocacy

As Catholics kick-off RESPECT FOR LIFE month, here's a bit of news from an alternative perspective:

Abortion rights supporters in Missouri have a friend in the Satanic Temple

Women's reproductive rights have an unlikely ally: Satanists. A Missouri law that upholds the strictest waiting period for an abortion in the nation is headed to the state's Supreme Court after the Satanic Temple successfully argued that it violates their religious freedom. "(The) constitutional claims are real and substantial," the Missouri Court of Appeals ruled.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense. They have supporters in Hell too.

Anonymous said...

But don't they believe in mandatory abortion?

Anonymous said...

The Star's Jenee Osterheldt continually tells us that:

1) A St. Louis black criminal/drug dealer who fled from the police and tried to run over an officer didn't deserve to die.

2) A pampered millionaire NFL player who insists on disrupting his public workplace by drawing attention to his personal political beliefs is just innocently expressing himself.

3) Black Lives Matter, but others don't.

If she honestly believes that Black Lives Matter, how come she hasn't written about the black baby genocide committed by black mothers and their liberal abortionists?

Answer: Jenee is completely ignorant. Jenee is a shallow fashion-minded, trendy-wannabe, living the white hipster lifestyle while holding herself out as some sort of moral voice for the black community. Jenee is a fraud.

MDLQ said...

Why does god kill little babies inside their mothers?
Why does god bless little babies with birth defects?
......any body got an answer?
Because god is a murderer.

Anonymous said...

Why do atheists support killing babies inside their mothers, then? Isn't that what abortion is all about?

The Kansas City Atheist Coaltion supports the Satanic Temple.

Do you?

So are you a murderer too?

Anonymous said...

12:50, that question was for you.

You a killer 12:50?

Or just a tool?

Anonymous said...

An uwed mother is garbage. Her bastards are garbage. Jesus is garbage.

Anonymous said...

6:14 you talk like a KCAC member I know.

Its you, isn't it?

Your group is garbage.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the KCAC members host a circle jerk on Sunday nights.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've never seen or met anyone from the KCAc. I think your making Bullshit uo

Anonymous said...

3:18 sure you aren't just ashamed to admit it?

Weren't you at a meeting two weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

If they are pushing Satan stuff but don't "really" believe it, aren't they engaging is a form of fraud?

Just asking?

Anonymous said...



MDLQ said...

..Sorry 4:05, but your god is the murderer.......
I don't know any atheist that supports killing babies inside their mothers...(stillbirths), only god does that, and then there's the birth defects, more jokes from god, for life.
Just do us a favor, tell your (((god))) to stop it!
....I'm sure 'ol god will do as you say, right?

Anonymous said...

10:09, if you don't know of any atheists who do that, contact the KCAC

They support planned parenthood which is all about killing babies inside their mothers.

Since when do atheists have a problem with killing when it suits them?

Or are you telling us you are Pro Life?

MDLQ said...

...Def. not pro life..........
Pro Choice!
Just tell 'ol god to stop his murdering babies...OK?
Let women make the 'choice', not you jesusfreaks.