Show-Me Planned Parenthood Seeking Second Chance To Murder Missouri Babies Quicker

Actually, abortive pill tech is the future of the infanticide industry and once it's sold over the counter or thru the mail, we can stop having these silly debates and OUTLAW one of the most barbaric acts of medical malpractice in the history of humanity. Take a look:

Planned Parenthood Files Second Lawsuit Challenging Portion Of New Missouri Abortion Law

Thwarted in its attempt to block one part of Missouri's newest abortion law, Planned Parenthood has now filed a second lawsuit challenging another part of the law, one involving medication abortions. A medication abortion is a procedure involving a combination of two pills.



    Planned Parenthood: Vacuuming Your Womb And Your Wallet Since 1916!!!

  2. Murder is murder regardless of how or by whom it is committed. PP and other baby-killing entities can spin it any way they want, abortion is murder and it is most definitely NOT a "women's health" service.

  3. It's legal, get used to it.

  4. The classic question:
    You're alone in a building that is on fire. As you are making your way out, you hear crying behind a door. Opening it, you see a five year old girl on crutches with her broken leg in a cast. You also see a canister that contains 5,000 frozen embryos. You can only carry one.

    Do you...
    A) Pick up the girl and get out,
    B) Save the five thousand embryos and leave the girl to burn to death,
    C) Do nothing, so that you, the girl, and the embryos are all consumed by the fire?

    Obviously you will do "A", even if you won't admit it.

    This illustrates the hypocrisy of pretending that life begins at any point prior to birth. The Bible plainly states in Genesis that life begins with the first breath, and I cannot accept any argument that goes against the Word of God.

    1. The word of God implies that you should not suck cock but clearly yu go against that, right?

  5. D) Rescue the girl, find Tony, and throw him in.

    God told me so. Hey, Word of God, man, right?

  6. Do you get a discount if daddies in jail ?

  7. Too many movies 10:08 way too many movies!

  8. I applaud PP efforts to keep the crime rate as low as it can be.


  9. 10:08 You couldn't be more wrong! You need to read your Bible again. Don't try and twist the scriptures to here what your etching ears want to hear to justify murder!

  10. ^^^As you twist the scriptures to hear what your etching ears what to hear. Hypocrite.

  11. I'm sure Tim Murphy secretly approves of PP.

  12. Each one possibly saving the police department a bunch of money.

  13. Worlds largest murder for hire corporation. Endorse by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Convincing women that dead unborn are good for thier health for decades.

  14. Byron Funkhouser10/31/17, 8:41 PM

    10:08, thank you for an interesting comment.

  15. ....As we all know, god is the top abortionist!
    As well as birth defect 'king'.
    Science and rational thinking will put god right where it belongs......down the rat hole.
    Please tell your god to quit killing the little babies, and
    stop the birth defects also.....
    T here
    I s
    N o
    G od.

  16. If there is no god, there is no such thing as 'human life'. Just pointless stardust. And judging by your comment, that is exactly what you think you are. So expect us to treat each other as such.


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