Thursday, October 12, 2017


Quick roundup of Missouri culture war and political news that's worth a look for tonight . . .

Show-Me Sour Grapes After Censure

Missouri senator makes new negative Trump post after censure

A Democratic senator from suburban St. Louis who was censured by the Missouri Legislature for a Facebook post that hoped for President Donald Trump's assassination is defending her new tweet that compares Trump to Adolph Hitler. State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted a meme Thursday on Twitter that shows Trump taking off a shirt.

ACLU Against Suspensions!!!

Missouri Has Largest Racial Gap in the U.S. for Out-of-School Suspensions, ACLU Says

click to enlarge In Missouri, the use of out-of-school suspension for elementary school children is the most racially unbalanced in the nation, according to a new report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, or ACLU. Jeffrey Mittman, the nonprofit's executive director, opened a press conference to unveil the report this morning with a statistic.

$500K In Funding On The Line

Missouri's new discrimination law imperils federal funding, HUD told state in July

CLOSE Missouri's new discrimination laws do not comply with federal standards and could result in a loss of funding, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development told the state Commission on Human Rights in July.

Everybody Hates MO DOT

Buck O'Neil bridge expected to be completely rebuilt

A completely new Buck O'Neil bridge is expected to be built now that the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has passed an ordinance to move the project forward. The committee adopted the ordinance to make it possible to rebuild and expand the Buck O'Neil Bridge to handle current traffic needs.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

gnawedall need to leave the Senate, Jeff City, St. Louis, Missouri and the USA.

Welcome to Kansas Shitty said...

hope they leave the current bridge open, while they build the new one -- then tear down the old one..

if not -- the Northland traffic will be screwed!

Anonymous said...

I hope MoDot doesn't have a lot to do with it . A lot of there medial government mooch employees went to Mizzou and are therefore incompetent. Joseph Turner from St Joseph would be a prime example.

Anonymous said...

What does Chappell know about Hitler???? I guess that's why she couldn't see through Obama's PINKO up bringing and the way he ran the country, not to mention the divide and conquer.

Heaven forbid someone come in and fight for the people, jobs and the constitution.

Stupid negro is right, she has no clue what she is fighting for or against.

Anonymous said...

project number one should be to widen I-70.

Anonymous said...

Quit with the pandering, race-baiting, equal outcomes crap and crybabying about suspension rates by race. Bring back the old school suspensions where miscreants get to cramp their little fingers by writing out dictionary definitions, pages from a thesaurus, multiple paragraphs, complete chapters, or whatever amount of handcopy work is deemed appropriate for the future inmate's age, abilities, or literacy level.

Don't be sending D'Antbrainius and Duncetta home to interrupt Mama's morning hangover naps, Gramama's daytime talk over erruhbody shows, and Auntie's home daycare on the low.

Anonymous said...

The bridge is far too old and fragile for rehabilitation, too narrow to accommodate current capacity requirements and the geometry feeding into it from the south side is a mess. MoDOT is doing the right thing. This branch of state government is the most efficient, reliable and accountable. Illiterate, slack-jawed yokels commenting above don't have the intellectual capacity to grasp this basic fact.

Anonymous said...

Nadal needs to be whipped until that aunt jemima learns to mind herself

Anonymous said...

Nadal need me to put whip cream on her and fuck her inside out.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't ACLU have bigger problems than worrying about student discipline?

Anonymous said...

WTF, is it job security for ACLU hacks to coddle the kiddies who misbehave at school? Seems lax consequences and race pandering sets up the youth for failure. Oh well, if the jails and prisons aren't filled full or over their capacities and rife with problems, rosters at the ACLU would thin.

Anonymous said...

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal did exactly what you would expect a dumb cunt to do when the bad behavior was tolerated the first time around. Now kick the bitch out and lets all graduate from 3rd grade.

Gray Back said...


C= Communist like minded people
L= code for Progressive Socialist
U= United world take over by Progressive liberals