Friday, October 20, 2017

Show-Me The KC To STL High-Tech Ripoff???

Hyperloop vaporware and high hopes for silicon prairie jobs have political hopefuls touting sketchy schemes to voters. Take a look:

Are Kansas City and Saint Louis Getting Taken?

The deadline for submissions to Amazon to host their new headquarters building has come and gone, and both Kansas City and Saint Louis tendered proposals.


Joseph Turner said...

The most-important fact is KC to Columbia in 12-Minutes! And MoDOT is a partner in it. Pissed off yet?


Anonymous said...

Are we getting taken? (sound of hysterical laughter) When in the history of this town have we NOT been taken?

Anonymous said...

Protests, violence, bitching about higher wages, earnings taxes, enterprise tax zones, political corruption, violent crime off the charts, making business the enemy of Kansas City. Yup all that shit would make me want to move my billion dollar headquarters here. You betcha!

Anonymous said...

MoDot can't even maintain the Broadway Bridge! Why would AMAZON believe the State of MO could supply adequate transportation?

And Steve Miller, MoDot Chair, wants to be Mayor!!! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Kansas City and St. Louis are both in the top 10 most violent cities in the US.....only thing that needs to be moved to either of those shitholes is another prison.