Show-Me The 'Free The Nipple' Missouri Fight

One of our favorite Missouri bloggers offers a peek social justice of a different sort and proof that there are a lot more local boobs that you DON'T want to see . . . Federal judge rules against Free the Nipple-Springfield, says men's and women's breasts are different


  1. Free the nipple! Appeal the ruling!

  2. Uncle Geezer say,,,
    :At Golly, 'At 'Ere Jedge, he's a Real Scholar!
    He Otter be on th' SOOPREME COURT, by crackie!"

  3. Judge Phillpps needs to spend more time at WalMart.
    Then she'd be aware that Fat Men's and Fat Women's breasts aren't all that different!
    She is right about the need to keep those particular breasts covered up more adequately though!

  4. There just isn’t enough good boobs to get this to pass! 80% of the boobs out there are just plain scary and I have no desire to see fat women and their saggin ass tits

  5. Headline:

    Female Federal Judge Officially Makes Tits Part of the Money Maker package.

    Unfortunately the judge is yet to rule on whether showing ass holes should be legalized since the men and women versions essentially look and function the same.

  6. Bet the Judge has her some ugly-assed Nipples!
    That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

  7. That's why we pay them the big money. I'd have been disappointed in ant Federal Judges who couldn't tell they were different.

  8. When it comes to women with boobs I'm a massagenyst.

  9. Everybody like a nipple

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