Friday, October 13, 2017

Show-Me Big Bucks Rolling In For AG Hawley To Beat Missouri Senator Sen. Claire

A hopeful note for this contest that will be the focus of the nation's divisive partisan battle in 2018. Checkit:

McCaskill Challenger AG Josh Hawley Raises Over $800,000 in First FEC Report

The fundraising haul announcement comes just two days after Hawley officially announced his decision to run for the seat in the 2018 mid-term election and just over two months since he began exploring a run. Hawley said of his campaign's fundraising numbers, "I'm humbled to have the support of conservatives throughout Missouri who are ready to change Washington.


Anonymous said...

I don't care what political party or leaning a candidate comes from, if you are a political newcomer & have no track record of any benefit to your constituents from your first political office, you have no business running for a major national political office. If you can't even complete ONE term of office in your state, you are no achiever (like Sarah Palin).

All Hawley has done is file a few lawsuits against the Federal gummint to pander to a faction of bible-thumper wingers and now thinks he's ready for the national stage?

Follow the money. You might find some Mercer in there.

Anonymous said...

7:43 What the f**k do you mean by bible thumper wingers? So are you saying according to your logic Obama had no business running for President of the United States? ( I agree with that). Are you also saying you want career politicians?

Do us all a favor...Stay home on election day.

Anonymous said...

Obama was a U S Senator dumb ass!

Hawley is a stooge for Singuefield and Kemper!

He needs to be paying attention to the job he has, he's been there less than a year!

Anonymous said...

Try to get simple information from the AG office and you will find out how useless he is.

Not a Cocaine Claire voter but Hawley can't run an efficient AG office why give him more responsibility.

He needs to go to his office an ask the bureaucrats he is supposed to e managing why they can't make a simple call back for a simple request for information.

Nope Hawley can't do the job he is currently elected for.

C'mon Bannon get us a real worker conservative.

Anonymous said...

Can we all just admit that out next senator will be a piece of shit? If we look back I've the last 100 years, that office has been occupied by a piece of shit. What makes this election different?

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't give a shit about the people. They don't even pretend to any more.

Impeach Trump.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Hawley is qualified?
He is cute and that is all that counts.

Anonymous said...

Waah .We lost... Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

As the OP, I knew after I posted that first comment I'd get attacked personally by some a-hole who wouldn't argue about my point but bring up Obama or the Clintons and shove it into my face.

Nope, I said nothing about wanting any career politicians, those are your words.

Once again, my point is, I don't care what party ANY politician is from, they should PROVE they are capable of being LEADERS with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD in PUBLIC OFFICE BENEFITING their CONSTITUENTS BEFORE they think they should be handed any keys to a higher public office. Was that MORE CLEAR to YOU?

To me Hawley is a neophyte political curtain-climber who is likely supported by big money from outside of Missouri. We need a LEADER, not a sponsored opportunist. Being a "tough lawyer" like his political ads doesn't qualify him to lead anything except a legal team unless he lacks leadership skills of which he hasn't proven anything yet.

Anonymous said...

You right 1:13 Hawley not ready and not a leader just Repo penis hole.
Give us a real conservative leader. Bannon hurry up man get a real representative up to take on Pelosi's twin sister cocaine claire.

Anonymous said...

A Conservative leader? The word "Conservative" means one who is satisfied with the way things are now and is opposed to any changes. In other words, they want to "conserve" the Status Quo.

I think you're talking about someone who wants to make changes in the way things are, in which case you're referring to a "Revisionist" or a "Radical"!

A "Revisionist" would want to restore things to a past state in which they existed, for instance, someone who advocated re-instituting Slavery, or wanted to restore the 91% Individual Income Tax Bracket, or advocated removing the words "Under God" from the Pledge Of Allegiance so it could become Constitutional again.

A "Radical", on the other hand, wants to create something entirely new and never existing, like Public Prayer in Schools, or who wants to establish an extreme, highly dubious proven-to-fail practice, such as relying on "abstinence" as a preventative of Abortions.

I know that concept is upsetting to large numbers of Media Babble Heads, but words DO have meanings, and true, valid communication and discussion depends on using those words in the way their meaning exists.

Sorry to rant, but this needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

7:17 PM Brilliant just fuckin brilliant. Have not a clue your point in correcting my commonly understood use of conservative but hey you poured out a lot of high fa-lootin words with gnats ass precision on what they mean to a Harvard professor.

Have a nice trip..look me up when you return from Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

Just makin' the point that "Conservatives" DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL they're talking about at any time.