Friday, October 27, 2017


Here's what is likely the most important bit of journalism of the recent Kansas City news-cycle . . . Check the unfortunate round-up that offers an accounting of successful legal complaints won against the KCPD and paid for by taxpayers. While the debate over police tactics always turns into a partisan slapfight, there's no denying that local taxpayers are on the hook for whatever strategy (or lack thereof) local authorities use to fight crime. Read more:

Police excessive force settlements line pockets of KC criminals

KANSAS CITY - Millions of taxpayer dollars are winding up in the hands of criminals across the Kansas City metro. Since 2012, the Kansas City Police Department has paid out at least $5.9 million in excessive force settlements.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit, everyone of those clowns asked for the ass beating they got.

Anonymous said...

You know the lawyers got a good chunk of that money, don't ya?


Anonymous said...

The solution is simple. Charge the Union's pension fund. These guys will police themselves of there is an economic cost to their actions.

Anonymous said...


All part of Communist O'bama and Eric Holder (fast & furious) & Loretta Lynchs Radical communist agenda, to redistribute the Wealth, by PAYING Criminal Felons with "Millions" YOUR TAX DOLLARS !!!

and you wonder why the City is in the Red financially ????

Remember that when it come time to RAISE your property Taxes on your business or home or your vehicles !!!!!

Those Degenerate Communist Liberal Fuckers down there at City Hall, need to be yanked out of their offices and thrown into the streets, and a damn garbage truck run over their pathetic worthless asses !!!

Ohhh by the way Breaking News this Friday morning,,,,,

4 Murder / Homicides this morning in less than 30 Hours !!!!!

what that tell ya , huh ??????

what about all those "supposed" ANTI-CRIME GROUPS that Mayor Sly James and KCMO City Council funded with your TAX DOLLARS ??????

Anonymous said...

Actually we could use more communist around here to celebrate the Russian Revolution 100 year celebration on Nov 4th

Anonymous said...

KCPD is a waste of taxa dollars.
Not only do we pay for the High Crime, but their incompetence as police officers.
And the Police Chief wants more money. For what poor performance.
The last Police Chief rang up a 500,000.00 overtime bill.

Anonymous said...

So what can I do to win the ghetto lottery? Oh that's right. I can't because I'm a white guy and not entitled to crime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

818 is a idiot

Gray Back said...

Progressives asked for it and they got it. Po Po Pitiful outcasts.

Anonymous said...

It would have been money well spent if they would have killed the criminals and televised it.

Anonymous said...

KCPD kick ass!