Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Shawnee Slice Of Life High Speed Chase

Aftermath of a bloody dangerous scene on local streets . . . Take a look:

Police chase suspect across state lines after woman cut with knife in Shawnee

Authorities in the Kansas City chased a suspect across state lines early Wednesday morning after a woman was reportedly cut with a knife.


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Anonymous said...

So I gather from the above post that she was cut with a knife made in China or Burma or Viet Nam or Hawaii or one of those other Asian countries.

Thank goodness she wasn't cut with a GUN, or we'd have to endure yet another rant in favor of "More Gun Control" from the "Joke On Oak"!

BTW folks, "gun control" means hitting what you are aiming at!

Anonymous said...

10:24, Stick with those ESL classes. Eventually, you too, can be fluent at American English....mebbe....

Gray Back said...

Quite correct 11:20. I one am for banning breathing. Birum Funkhouser, der fuhrers, breath kills me everytime he opens up.