Monday, October 30, 2017

Selling Kansas City College Basketball

Every few years the city college attempts to get people interested in their games. Here's the latest effort that's actually not such a bad deal when factoring ticket prices. You decide:

UMKC upping fan experience game for 2017-2018 basketball season

With the introduction of several new ticket packages and a brand-new court featuring the city skyline at Municipal Auditorium, going to a UMKC men's basketball game this season will be more of an experience than simply attending a sporting event.


Anonymous said...

Bad D-1 Basketball! Who wants to watch that crap!

Anonymous said...

Keep on trying to be a real university, UMKC. Where's your football team? That would make you legitimate. Maybe. Too bad you are a ghetto school with questionable credentials. Remember the Bloch school "we're number 1" in the whole stinking country? You're a joke.

jim fisher said...

It's a tough grind

Anonymous said...

This post stinks like shit...oh I see it now. Looks like a bunch of pants-shitters took their morning dump. Get back to bed geezers, you got to post your negativity so you're all done now.