Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rock Chalk 'Campus Carry' Debate Cont'd

Check one of the very few collegiate debates that's actually important and resonates in the real world. Read more:

Kansas professors worry about ramifications of concealed carry on campus

Concealed carry on college campuses across the state of Kansas has been a reality now for about three months. The Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act took effect July 1, and, while there've been no major incidents, the fear is still very real.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the professors, most of them are just liberal asswipes and not real men anyway. No wonder there are so many faggot sissies at KU.

Anonymous said...

Open carry is a fucking joke. I used to be a card carrying member and ardent supporter of the NRA but they've really taken it too far.

my butt hurts said...

Real men have gun's. Who need's educashun, when you have gun's? I tryed going to colege. But I flunked math. So math is useless. With everthing else the lib professers teach.

Anonymous said...

Pretty stupid picture of OPEN CARRY... and the story is about CONCEALED CARRY. Duh. And, only students 21 and older can carry (concealed) on campus.

I predict that very few students will carry. But just knowing that someone could be armed will make criminals think twice before shooting up the place.

Concealed carry by law abiding citizens in Kansas for many years without incident.

It's not a problem and not going to be a problem. Professors can complain all they want, it won't matter. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

The recent murders in Lawrence were committed by FELONS who cannot legally own a gun... did they care? nope. It's about time that law abiding citizens have the means to legally defend themselves from thugs.

Anonymous said...

11"14---I still carry properly trained and licensed but I still think the "Constitutional" carry folks have crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

Ramification is every student will get an A.

People above went to school at the wrong time.