Rock Chalk #ASSJAMZ Shooting Aftermath

Reality check for event planning and a nearby community coming to terms with fallout from recent killings . . Take a look:

Concert moved indoors, KU pep rally cancelled in wake of shootings

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- An outdoor concert planned on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence Friday was moved indoors. Granada Theater announced on its Facebook page this week the change in venue was because of weather concerns. However, a communications manager with the City of Lawrence said Friday that Lawrence's City Manager asked for the event to be held inside because he was worried about people's safety.


  1. Oh yes snowflakes! Let us hallucinate that pissant Lawrence Kansas somehow would be as significant as Las Vegas in grabbing notoriety for a nutball. Don't forget to check for UFOs while your getting your panties in a twist.

  2. Lawrence is the pussiest town and always has been, ever since Quantrill and about 5 guys burned it down and fucked all their women.

    1. It's a town full of pussy liberals. What would you expect?

  3. C'mon people Lawrence is BiRon Funkhouser paradise and safe place so lets ease up a little on the San Tropay of the plains cocksukers haven.


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