Because it's #TBT let's remember the 1980s classic Police Academy - A screwball comedy about ordinary citizens becoming police officers and their goofy hi-jinks which were mostly just a series of sexual assaults. The first movie was actually pretty funny for its time but probably didn't need 5 sequels.

For better or worse, this scenario is playing out in Raytown amid a budget crisis.

Fox4: City eliminating nearly half of police force trains residents on police work


"Raytown Volunteers in Police Service have incorporated so they can start accepting donations.

"When the Raytown Board of Aldermen cut $3 million from the police department budget, effectively eliminating 17 police officers from the force, it also cut the funding for volunteer-led programs like the Raytown Citizens Police Academy and Coffee with a Cop.

"On Wednesday night, 20 residents were going through training with simulated weapons on various use-of force-scenarios. They included what to do during traffic stops if someone gets out of the car."

Best of luck to these local super troopers in picking up the slack after municipal priorities (or lack thereof) and fading revenue are cutting back police protection.

Developing . . .


  1. If raytown hadn’t got run over with blacks this would never have happened

  2. KC Fact Check10/19/17, 6:08 AM

    ^^^ There are actually far more white people than blacks in Raytown. If you knew anything about what you were talking about you would understand that the loss in revenue is actually due to an aging population. But feel free to hide in the safety of your ignorance on the topic instead of trying to learn more.

  3. This is a chance for Raytown citizens to shoot hood rats. Hood rat season is now open. No limit

  4. Raytown is the new Bannister Mall.

  5. I was a cop there in the early 80s. Lynch was a good cop and a hoot to work midnights with.

    There was always an anti-police element there; at the time just a few losers and the asshat who ran the newspaper. When they started getting elected to city government, it was the beginning of the end. Sadly, this Police Volunteers thing is stupid and is going to get people hurt or sued. The place is done. GTF outta there and move to eastern JaCo.

    Finish your term and retire Jimmy.

  6. KCPD Former "Chief" Forte retired with over $900,000 but sadly a number of "Chiefs" before him retired with nearly the same. We are having the same issues here in Raytown with our greedy "Chief" and his goon squad clocking in $60,000 plus in salary and $40,000 in overtime. KCPD will soon have the same budgeting issues and it will be much worse. Our "Chief" flat out rejected and pleaded for no auditing , but fell in love with trying to cause public uproar on Facebook. Bless his heart.
    Lifelong residents like myself that keep up with the events in my town call this chickens coming home to roost. Like I said before , I would gladly trade the "Chief" , the "Mayor" , and the other corrupt greedy higher ups of the Raytown PD for the good officers and staff we are losing. I would bet if we could do that you would see the budget balance quicker than a hiccup. The ripe apples are being sacrificed for the worms peeking through the skin of a few rotten ones.

  7. $176,470 per staffed police officer position?

    $3 million divided by 17 police officers = $176,470

    Even accounting for vehicle, equipment, training, etc., that seems high.

  8. Maggie you're a stupid ass townie and part of the reason this is all happening. Your property taxes haven't been raised in 40 FUCKING YEARS! There's an untapped revenue stream. You have to pay to play Maggie. Instead you vote for the short sighted penny ante local candidate who promises, "A chicken in every pot and no new taxes!" The PD submits a line item budget every year. You can see what is being spent. I've talked with many of the officers that are leaving. They don't want to leave but they don't trust the BOA. I wouldn't either. They respect their Chief and staff though. Ask one of them and they'll tell you. That's what I did. I've watched their sessions online. It's fucking amateur hour up there at best. It's not a City Council it's a City Clowncil. I can't believe the disrespectful way they talk to those cops. I couldn't take that kind if shit from those jack wagons. Sad thing is I bet there's a large number of folks in that town better suited for the board but they just don't want to put in the time. You probably get your information from Greg Walters blog or the fat mouthed gal running the doughnut shop that puts her fat face on camera whenever she can. You parrot all the ignorant bullshit they spread. What a SHOW! That's what stupid ass townies do. Glad I don't live there anymore but I have friends and family that do and I worry about them . It's the only reason I keep up.

    1. You sound like a dumbass non-taxpayer living snug on a futon in mommy's basement.

      You watched meetings online? Congrats pal...but try getting off your lazy ass and going to a community meeting.

      You probably got your info from FB and Fox news and now think you're informed. You're not!!!

      You asked cops about their boss and heard good things? Of course you did you fucking dipshit!!!!
      Who would be dumb enough to disrespect their boss while still working for them?
      You would know this if you ever had a job you loser!!!

      I doubt from the basement you asked anything unless you trolled on FB.

      If you work for cops why would you be stupid enough to point out what you dislike?
      Shut your mouth. You are a goof.

      I'm glad I don't live in either area... but dummies like you trolling for attention tickle me.

      Your statement about no taxes being raised is the only true thing you said...now shut up and go clean your room before you get caught using moms wifi.

  9. Hummmmm, hired guns in Raymund Town now that's productive. Civialian shoots black, black sues city, city says immune under tot liability laws, black sues hired gun, Wins settlement, hired gun goes to jail.

  10. The only thing I could give a shit about in Raytown is that they figure out a way to keep their thug boons in Raytown and don't allow those cock suckers to spread their crime spree all over Eastern Jackson County.

  11. Rae Rae? Nae! Nae!

  12. If the city sponsors the training, they are liable.

    Nobody goes to jail over losing a civil case, you dolt.

  13. Is that a KCPD picture

  14. Oh hi Jim and Mike! Doin' some expository (look it up) writin up above', takin' shots at some folks. (Your words aren't going to wash the stank off of y'all, though.)

    Raytown's very own Crockett and Tubbs, everyone! Stand an' take a bow, gentlemen!

  15. Tony...You've totally misrepresented what the VIPS program is all about. Shame on you.

  16. Dey gonna go aftah dat Jaclyl Da Rippa wid da help of Bolonzo Wahmachin an his aero drone ship.


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