Raytown Police Cut Excuses Stay Losing

Misplaced priorities for the inner-suburbs elicit a frustrated response from residents. Here's the feeble attempt at spin:

Alderman explains Raytown police budget cuts

RAYTOWN, Mo. - City leaders in Raytown voted to pass a $29.6 million dollar budget that includes $2.8 million in cuts to the police budget. Now, officers are figuring out what steps to take next. Alderman Jim Aziere said education and public safety are the top priorities in Raytown, but that Raytown has other needs as well.


  1. Always carry a gun in Baytown in case you get a chance to kill one of "them".

  2. they need a earning tax. Ha Ha.

  3. Hey Raytown officers,

    You are better than you are being treated. You owe hat city nothing. Look at lateral transfers, there are departments in the Metro that will take you.

  4. The long term residents of shit hole Raytown need to arm themselves at all times ! Chief Lynch fought the good fight for a long time , only to get beat down by politics and bullshit ! If you white human beings cannot move , arm YOURSELF and learn how to use maximum force legally to defend yourself and your family against the inner city youth scholar's hood rats that want to KILLA CITY anyone who's got anything that those scumbags want !!¡¡!!

  5. I hear crickets! Why isn't Hizzhonor the mayor doing any face time on TV regarding this? Go!

  6. The Mayor was a cop in Raytown for over 20 years.

    What I want to know is...who got to the Aldermen?

  7. This means the negroes can run loose. That means white people will have a lot more chances to shoot and kill black hood rat criminals.

  8. Increase the fines for shoplifting to a minimum of $1000.00. Then instead of bitching about Walmart you fucking retards would have and extra half million in the city budget. All you have to do is drive through Rayton ans see how many big box and other retail stores have packed up and left to get that law enforcement has not been overworked fighting crime in that town.


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