A plea for justice and suspect identification as this family mourns a tragic loss. Take a look:

Reward offered to help police find 'random' shooter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A grieving family makes a public plea for someone to help them find the man who's charged with killing their daughter, in what police are calling a random shooting. "There's no such thing as the wrong place at the wrong time," said Michael Addison, the victim's father.


  1. "There's no such thing as the wrong place at the wrong time," said Michael Addison, the victim's father.

    Problem: It's Killa City!

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  3. 6:07, if you're talking 80's era at Bendix, there weren't​ many blacks in the nerd herd (engineering, labs, testing, etc.). There were a couple dozen in gate security and janitorial, each. There was a handful of black machinists on first shift. Within a decade and during Lou Smith's CEO era, the Allied-Signal change over added more women and blacks. Soon after, the Honeywell transition upped EEOC transfers and new hires.

    1. In 1978 it was a 50/50 split..

  4. That's all true.. but when and why did they all give up??

  5. Muh Dick trying to educate yourself against fake and misleading news.


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