NFL Nasty Talk: Ejected Marshawn Lynch Chants 'F**k the Chiefs!' With Raider Fans

Insight into why families are turning away from pro-football in growing numbers. And actually rather tame compared to what happens at the Arrowhead parking lot. Take a look:

Raiders' Marshawn Lynch Leads Commuters in Chant of 'F**k the Chiefs!' After Thursday Night Win Over KC - Breitbart

On Thursday night, Lynch got ejected from the game between the Raiders-Chiefs after he made contact with an official during a fight. Lynch intervened in the fight when he saw that it involved Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, who is also Lynch's cousin.


  1. Always hated the Chiefs10/20/17, 5:24 PM

    Fuck the Chiefs, in deed.

  2. Lynch should lay down on the tracks in front of the train. What a vile, despicable piece of shit.

  3. Lynch was trying to protect Marcus Peters because Lynch really likes peters. Lots of peters.

  4. Has anyone seen the "man" Peters make one tackle this year on his own?



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