Welcomed news in the aftermath of the Guv Brownback biz poaching years and his tax policy rejection:

Missouri outpaces Kansas in KC Metro job creation

Economists are seeing an enormous shift as the Kansas City Metro continues a winning streak in job creation.The area has created about 25,000 jobs a year since 2015, and about 78 percent of the new jobs are on the Missouri side.


  1. Big deal, all that means is our taxes went up to cover tax abatement

  2. @1:35PM-just because your broke ass doesn't have job, doesn't mean the rest of us don't! Stop posting on blogs all day and get your ass to work!

  3. Welcome to the PARIS OF THE PLAINS. It will save you a trip to FRANCE.

  4. Those Brownback tax cuts are still working!

  5. Poster at 1:35 p.m. is right. What jobs? Let's list them, shall we? Tossing out numbers is useless. And to say that Missouri got jobs from Kansas is absurdity times 2. What happens is a company picks up and moves to the other side of the state line. They take the existing jobs with them. They do NOT create any jobs. When a McDonald's closes down and builds a new store, that is NOT adding any jobs. We call it Job Vampirism. They suck jobs from one part of the metro and spit them out in another. Zero job creation. Get it?

  6. ^^^^I get that your broke and lazy. That's what I get.

  7. If Amazon built a site here it would likly be within a few miles of the airport.

  8. kansas whole economy is dependent on KCMO. You'd think they would respect their daddy & congratulate him on being better than them again.

  9. What are the numbers after Sprint gets swallowed up and vanishes?

    Don't know what else anyone expected, Kansas bought into Reagan's "Voodoo Economics" cut-taxes-create-jobs mantra bigtime, and wrecked their own economy the way the GOP wrecked the US Economy - twice!

    Give Missouri Time, we have the GOP in place now too, our economy has maybe two years before it tanks as well!

    Oh, and by the way, the word "Conservative" means that you like things just the way they are and don't want anything to change!
    A more accurate title for the GOP would be "Regressive"!

    And doing the same over and over while expecting a different result (Lower taxes anyone?) is one definition of Insanity.

  10. @6:17 - Agree totally. JoCo does not exist without KC. They are a vampire economy at best.


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