Reality check for every Kansas City voters who ever believed City Hall talk of improvement for infrastructure and services.

Excellent community journalism on the subject of broken promises and continued blight . . .

Fox4: A frustrated homeowner in the Marlborough neighborhood is tired of seeing piles of trash next door. The problem near 73rd Street and Flora Avenue is all too common in the urban core.

For months, she's called the city's 311 action line to complain about the trash and overgrown weeds that haven't been cut.

She says the garbage smells so bad in the summertime, it keeps her from going outside in her yard to enjoy her own property. The trash has attracted rats, snakes and other vermin, that Vinson and her son, Darryl, are not accustomed to seeing.

Although the city has issued five citations to the property owner this year, neighbors say nothing has changed.

Developing . . .


  1. maybe her and the neighbors should quit dumping their trash there, the city is not responsible for the trash, the owner is, sooner they learn this the better


  2. It's not just Marlborough it's Central Hyde Park too, they are so bad there I've seen them on the patio and on neighbors porches. It's also not cool to see rat traps at the doors of Union Station.

    Seems to me the health dept. should do something it's a health hazard, but also dumb people in Hyde Park are putting out food for feral cats, not smart!

  3. I agree they’re getting food somewhere but how is this a city problem when people are stupid enough to leave food out everywhere? This is a neighborhood problem and if and when they learn this should help alleviate the problem

  4. This should be a police matter. The city has done what it can, weak and expected. Then the community can graciously attend to the problem.

  5. a can of gas and a match would go a long way to solving the problem

  6. Neighborhood Preservation is busy looking for the peeling paint. They figure that the rats have a right to live in certain sections of town.

  7. SLY, CLEAVER get out of the trash!!!

  8. Have the Property Taxes been paid? If not, use Eminent Domain to seize it, tear the ruin down, clean things up and put the lot up for sale, that'll flush someone out!

    If the taxes are paid up, tear the ruin down, clean up the place, slap a Lien on it and do not accept any Property Tax payments that do not cover both taxes and the Lien in full! After the taxes go unpaid, proceed as above.

    If the owner comes forward and pays any back taxes and the Lien in full, give them a receipt and take a close look at any other properties they own in KC.

    But be prepared, the place probably belongs to a member of the largest group of slum landlords in KC, the Inner City Churches!

  9. The problem is NOT 311

    The problems are the laws and enforcement of them. Lame prosecution and judges who take forever to make rulings or try to kick the can elsewhere.

  10. This is a nasty renter who has been sued several times for not paying her bills, this system is set up to go after the landlord not the renters. The owners can’t do a damn thing, he cant even go on his own property to clean it up because he would be trespassing, great fucking law isn’t it. Nasty lady is suing somebody for wrongful death right now so you can guess about her I don’t give a crap mentality

  11. Why does the thought of rats overrunning midtown make me laugh? They need to use that catch, spay, release feral cat program to help thin the vermin population.


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