Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nasty Charges Out In Olathe

Weekend drama and realization that the suburbs aren't as safe as a great many people hoped. Take a look:Olathe police investigating sexual assault


Anonymous said...

Most of the time when something happens in Overland Park, its because some scum from Kansas City managed to get across the State Line.

Anonymous said...

Where did people get the idea they would "safe" in their JoCo enclave? Sorry to tell you this, but bad guys are not nailed to the ground. They are mobile and there is nothing to stop them from coming to a street near you.

Retro ROCKER said... on the money no place is safe. And the Developments are not safe. To many houses in a neighborhood. And you know Thirty percent of the people out there are not mentally stable. Find you a .home on about ten plus Acers with a fence. Cameras And self defence. And good watch dogs. The bad guys are coming to the burbs, if they aren't already there