Friday, October 20, 2017

More Security For Kansas City Marathon

Fear pretty much rules almost every public even in the aftermath of Las Vegas and local authorities aren't taking any chances with Kansas City's most annoying sporting ritual. Read more:

Police department increases security along Kansas City Marathon race course

There'll be tighter security...and a heavier police presence for tomorrow's Kansas City marathon.The race is one of the city's largest traffic-coordinated events each year, with thousands of runners and spectators covering over 26.2 miles through the heart of Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

This is just an Cop overtime gig.
Basically useless.
But hey Kansas City is Home to crime.

Anonymous said...

You know It's kind of ironic. Me and some friends are sitting around the other day thinking about Vegas and other senseless tragic shit that happens and me and my buddy both thought to ourselves,out loud at the same time we both says NOW,you take Tony Botello I bet you he's not afraid of no 19 or 25 guns with bump stocks on them cuz that's just the way he's built! And it's ironic that you should come out with this post showing no fear in any way shape or form me and my buddy were thinking the same thing about you. Did you get the ironic part? Well here it is you are such a bad mofo that really nothing scares you, for reals and isn't that what you've always been known for your brass balls? I think so when I think of Tony Botello I think that mother fucker ain't scared of shit! I hope you have a daughter Tony cuz no son could ever live up to the rugged , fearlessness , that is you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your pot-deadened post.

Anonymous said...

The best thing terrorists can do is leave KC alone and let it continue to self destruct.