Friday, October 06, 2017

More Deets On Kansas City Toy Train Ballot

Another voting guide to rule one of the most corrupt institutions KCMO has devised in a generation. Read more:

What you need to know about Saturday's Streetcar vote

Click here for information on Saturday's Streetcar vote in Kansas City, MO


Anonymous said...

They can hold the election, but they can't go any further! Anything beyond this would require City involvement, and no City involvement can occur.

No City Money can be spent on this, and no City Employee can be involved in this, unless a City-wide Election is held and approval is granted.

If anyone in City Government is stupid and arrogant enough to defy the clear restrictions the voters placed on this issue, they deserve the shit storm of anger that is going to pour down on their heads.

Anonymous said...

Toot Toot Toot all you toot toot people better buy my new sounds of the streetcar CD.