Here's an ambitious rural Missouri hayseed hoping to make a name for himself with a bit of tough against a Kansas City, MO institution. Whilst cutting taxpayer funding for billionaires owners and millionaire athletes would be nice - This bit of cynical political chatter is mostly designed to get a guest spot on Fox News. Take a look:

Missouri legislator wants to challenge publicly-funded 'political arenas'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Missouri legislator is asking for a review of all taxpayer funds used to build and maintain NFL stadiums and facilities. "NFL stadiums have been a major investment of taxpayer money and the league must remain popular to continue to have a positive impact on our local and state economy," said Missouri Representative Nate Walker said in a press release on Monday.


  1. There should never be a single fucking taxpayer dime spent on sports at any level.

  2. So it is ok to fuck the taxpayer if you stand for the anthem but take a knee, that is going to far!!

  3. AA football players make over 577 million dollars a year Screw you guys. Highest paid slaves in the world

  4. Agree completely, a Bond Issue to build Arenas is enough Public Support, after that they need to stand or fall on their own merits, just as any other business has to.

    Of course their collapse might cut into the "billions and billions" of Tourist that visit KC each year.

  5. At least he is right, even if for the wrong reason. Professional sports do nothing to the improve the economy of a city. Studies find they contribute to a small decline in the economy. Yet the NFL has been subsidized billions of dollars across the nation with the continual threat of moving any team not subsidized to their liking to LA.

    1. Yes well said start by just not being a fan.

  6. Sports is where the masses go to flee and escape politics. Because sports has been seen as patriotic and apolitical they have had success in sucking taxpayers dollars into their business that makes millions upon millions and pays the players millions.

    The NFL and teams do not need taxpayer money but hey why use our money when we can con the public into helping us amass fortunes.

    Really odd that the dog would bit the hand that feeds them. Sport has also been a convenient and politically neutral refuge for patriotic Americans an to hide from their responsibility to become aware and involved in the political process keep America strong and to retrieve our culture to Make America Great Again.

    President Trump and Vice President Pence has shown us how to fight back and honor our flag and war dead and injured and those who served and are no serving the defense of our great nation.

    The Moral of the story is:


  7. Fuck the NFL

  8. I support this effort. NO MORE TAX BREAKS FOR BILLIONAIRES!

  9. You will do as Dictator Trump pleases!

  10. Daggers!!!

    Fuck the NFL and fuck those tax breaks for rich cocksuckers who hate middle america and get on their knees to suck off Black Nationalist, Black Panther wanna-be thugs.

    I can't wait to see the National Felon League send it's players out into the workplace to get real jobs.

    Cardboard hats are waiting for all of you loud mouth, entitled "victims".

  11. But lets keep subsidizing big oil, coal and pharma!

    Let's keep funding defense contractors for seemingly endless overseas conflicts and hiding the troops coming hone in body bags.
    How many conflicts are we up to now anyway? seven? Do any if you really care that American troops are dying and its is costing us trillions?

    But by all means be upset over someone expressing their free speech rights like Pence just did.

  12. ^^^Amen. I hear and agree. You have to remember..this blog is nothing more than an echo chamber of about 2 dozen old, white, racist bastards who do nothing all day but circle jerk each other off. They are all hopelessly out-of-touch with what's going on in the real world. They fall for stupid publicity stunts like what the idiot VP did on Sunday. Anything that affirms their despotic worldview sends them to their keyboards and the circle jerk is on!! Have faith, there are more of us than them and we are the ones who count. The good news is they are dying off everyday.

  13. Hey fuckwad 10:40 the players are being allowed to dishonor our flag and var dead and injured not out of Free Speech you ignorant asshole they are exercising their owners freedom to pay them to spit in patriots faces.

    Proof: Jerry Jones the owner said you will not protest on my dime without being benched. Guess what it was Jerry Jones freedom of what you can do on his dime. NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Pence exercised his right...HIS PERSONAL RIGHT..to not watch super rich players and owners wipe shit on our country.

    Now you know the difference and who really is exercising freedom. It is the owner's letting their employees in uniform on the clock and holding themselves as representatives of the owner shove their asses in the face of Americans.

    Now for one more salient lesson on honoring those who died and got injured defending our Country, way of life and freedom. Listen closely now:


    Now you have a broader horizon on what is actually transpiring. Glad to be of help!!

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    Crawl outa your hole dipshit, the world is always in conflict. You lap dancing liberal cock sucker types really could piss me off.
    When was the last time you were ready to give your life so others could live.
    Trump, Pence, Obama or some nuther mutherfucker. Your freeloading ilk ass fucking cock sucking kind are what is draining the life blood out of this country.

    And if you're not careful, you might just piss me off.

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  25. Finally some one who understands that if we pay the price we take our choice. My choice is respectful, people with respect for those who built this nation.

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