Manhunt For Mass Street #ASSJAMZ Killer

Deadly shooting aftermath closer to home. Take a look:

Lawrence, Kan., police ask for help to find gunman who killed three young people

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Police scheduled a 2:45 p.m. news conference Monday to talk to the community about the weekend shooting at 11th and Massachusetts Streets that killed three young people. They said they do not believe the violence was random, but that it was related to a fight that occurred in the area near the northwest corner of the intersection.


  1. brown skin , brown hair , brown eyes , possibly driving a chevy impala with expired temp tags & smells of cocoa butter , last seen throwing a mcdonalds bag out of window at intersection of arrest them all & deportation

    1. Much like MasterCard your comments are PRICELESS. I'm sittin at the bar a drinking and almost pissed myself..ty, these are the comments I come here to read..

  2. If you're attending a gathering called ready for anything !

  3. Sounds gay. Not like the happy gay but the other one.

  4. I would have fornicated the shot out of that mulatta

  5. By now, everyone in the ''black community'' KNOWS the identity of the scholar with the gun.

    But hey, snitches get stitches, right?


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