Lawrence Loves LGBT Community

College town acceptance rated the best among an overall unfriendly Red State. Read more:

Lawrence ranks as most LGBTQ-inclusive city in Kansas; city plans more improvements

A new index ranks Lawrence as by far the most LGBTQ-inclusive city in the state, and city officials plan to build on that. Lawrence received a score of 74 out of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign's municipal equality index, which measures how inclusive municipal laws, policies and services are for LGBTQ people.


  1. There are a lot of gay people in Larrytown. Probably 85-90% of KU students are gay.

  2. Well!!! The world has been saved now!

  3. Maybe the Westport Faggots and Dykes will move to "Proud" Larrytown !

  4. Lawrence KS must be so , so very much proud to be the AIDS / HIV Capital of Kansas ! What a great honor , maybe all the queers butt buddies from KILLA CITY will now move to the shit hole new HOMO TRANNY LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS shit hole of Larry Kansas !¡


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