KCPD Ask Public For Help After Kansas City Gas Station Killing Case Goes Cold

Video offers a glimpse at a car and local residents who police would like to have a conversation with . . .

Nearly 4 months after man was murdered at KC gas station, police release surveillance video with hopes it will generate tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Police Department needs your help solving a murder. It's been nearly four months since 26-year-old Craig Barksdale was shot to death at a convenience store at 80th and Troost, and now investigators say unless someone steps forward with information, this cold case could go cold.


  1. Don't you think the TIPS Hotline phone will just be ringing off the hook?
    That's why less than 50% of KCMO homicides are ever solved.
    Those darned Confederate statues!

  2. 4 MONTHS Later ! ..... KCPD must have worked around the clock to release it 4 months later.

  3. 4:02 you're on point. How about that new chief and crime fighter extraordinaire!

  4. I love the crappy video/pictures showing a car waaaay off in the shadows, and the arrow pointing to it. The police want to talk to THESE people? Which people? The ones sitting in the car nobody can see? Security cameras are a joke, and the crooks have figured it out.

  5. Hey what has Alonzo Washington the Crime Fighter got to say bout all dis?


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