KCMO Mayor Sly's Amazon HQ2 Spam Clip

Here's another look at a recent pitch that was deemed SPAM by most of the thoughtful denizens of the tech community . . .

Mashable: Kansas City mayor spams Amazon with 1,000 reviews to secure HQ2

The City Hall media machine made the rounds this week and Fox4 was the only outlet that brought up the question of tactics.

Meanwhile, the development agenda continues to rule 12th & Oak.

Developing . . .


  1. WHAT A STROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I knew this would happen when Google came to the area looking for lab rats. And all our politicos and officials said. What is search? What is twitter? Social Media? What is that?

  3. Amazon wants to know, among other things, about our "skilled workforce" and crime statistics. Guess we're out already.

  4. Thank you! I can't believe how many people think this is a "great" idea. It's spam. Pure and simple. And he's boasting about it. Amazon already has a problem with shady reviews, and now he adds to it.

    If I were Amazon, all I would see is a city that is not capable of good judgement when it comes to its customers.

  5. He probably used taxpayer money to buy all this crap too

  6. Amazon will wonder who is this bumbleweed, hearing Troy and Sly are on the case, only bumble@&$) would put them forward on this kind of deal.

  7. Nice distraction for the fix on for the airport and streetcar, new strategy, the public wasn't buying their bs, then they will slip it in quietly

  8. Sly is a mediocre front man for mediocre corporate fixers

  9. The zoo keeper needs to stop shopping and address the out of control ape house he is in charge of.


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